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Aspiring Writer who hopes to change lives through her writing; maybe even her own :)
Lover of dogs, cats, books, pinterest, music, words, candles and every single rom-com. Oh, and sometimes the world.

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I Wish 15 Things Could Happen.

July 22, 2017

I wish we were equal.
I wish we all knew love.
I wish the word perfect didn't exist.
I wish we threw away the labels.
I wish there was a drop of certainty in life.
I wish I could know everyone on this planet and understand why they did what they've done.
I wish I could hug the Earth and tell it to keep going.
I wish I could see more smiles on my walk to school.
I wish I wouldn't judge so easily.
I wish we forgave.
I wish I could control my mind.
I wish I could help.
I wish I could tell them that it was going to be ok.
I wish I could give them courage and maybe receive some too.
I wish I had better handwriting.



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