Peer Review by Amyy (Australia)

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Sea of Corn

By: Gemma B.


The cornfield stands. Still. Slowly, the wind tickles a few of the plants. The breeze brushes through the field. Soon all the corn is dancing, rippling, shaking in the tune of the wind. The rustling gradually begins to die and the sea of green stands again. Still.  

Message to Readers

A little something inspired by the large fields of corn and maize in New Zealand during Summer. Hope you like it!

Peer Review

"Still" The simplicity and shortness of the line. When you read it out loud, you have to pause at that line before you being reading the next.

That feeling when you've just had a rush of euphoria. because the theres all this description describing activity but then it just suddenly becomes still again/

Is there any symbolism behind this description?

Reviewer Comments

This is only my opinion, but when I imagine a cornfield I imagine it to be yellow. Maybe its because of all those ads I've seen on TV where everything is yellow to get those happy vibes going. Also, this piece seems like a written version of a particular scene in Nanny Mcphee 2, where she magically harvests all the corn and then it abruptly comes still after all the dancing etc.