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How Someone Else Sees Me

By: Madelyn (Carolina Girl)


    She is crazy from head to toe. That's not a bad thing, because she is fun. She can be a little annoying but I guess we all can. Her smile is sweet and genuine and her laugh is silly but happy. She dresses the way she wants which is modest with her own flare. She says modest is the hottest, I guess I can agree with that. She is self confident and you can tell that she loves finally being able to love herself. Her strawberry blonde hair is normally half up, that way it won't annoy her by falling in her face but it will still shield her ears and keep them warm. Her blue-green eyes sparkle with excitement the majority of the time and her eyes sometimes change colors. Her jewelry tinkles when she moves. She checks the time on her fitbit multiple times in a minute and she is very concerned about getting enough exercise. She's a girl you won't forget because she is so different. She is unique. You can tell that she doesn't care what most people think, she only cares about the opinions of those close to her. Her heart is huge because she contains so much love for others.

    I can tell she's starting to get angry with herself for throwing the softball too far to the left. She catches the ball in her glove with a gleam in her eyes that says it all. Her eyes say, I am going to try again until I get it right. This time she throws to me and I catch it. She smiles and starts jumping in the air.  I throw it back to her and she dives unto the gravel to catch it. She lays laughing on the gravel with the ball in her glove. She gets up happy and proud of herself. She just realized that sometimes you have to take a fall and sometimes you will make mistakes. She didn't let failure stop her from trying though.

    She grabs the shotput gets in her stance and throws it. She slowly steps out of the back of the circle and goes to get the measurement of her distance. She looks at me disgruntled, and she sighs, because she does not think she throws as far as she needs to. She compares her distance to her friend's distance and shakes her head in dismay. She will try again, she will practice harder, because she will not give up. She grabs the discus and slings it with a smile on her face. Her distance today was the best it has ever been but it is still not good enough. She will practice more, I can see the determination in her eyes, she will try to be her best.

    I can tell she is stressed from the test. Her eyes are full of worry when she sees a question that she does not know the answer to and she nervously glances at her fitbit watch every few seconds. Her hair makes a strawberry blonde blob on her desk as she naps after our test. She is wearing blue from head to toe and no wonder, I mean it is her favorite color after all. She wakes up looking exhausted and she yawns with a smile on her face. She smiles at me with nervousness in her eyes and I know we are thinking the same thing. We are wondering if we got a good grade on the test or failed it. Even though she is tired and stressed she offers to play a game with me, we settle with hangman. I can tell that hangman relaxed her especially when I make her laugh with some corny joke.

​Her tears won't stop flowing. She is super upset and I just want to fix it but I don't know how. She tells me what's wrong and I talk it through with her. She says she can't stop crying and I wonder how such a happy girl can sob. I realize we are all human and she probably experienced a bad day. I try to cheer her up with the same old corny jokes that she uses when she tries to cheer me up. I imagine her frown turning upside down into a smile and her laugh making her tears fly off her face.

​Why is she dabbing and doing the whip and nae nae? Wow she can not whip and nae nae right but at least it makes her happy. I want to watch her dance some more since she enjoys it so much. The Cupid Shuffle has her in a trance. She is silly and goofy even in her dancing. There are so many ways to see her. I get to experience the best ways because I am her best friend.  

Peer Review

'She is crazy from head to toe.' - Because it told me that it would be a fun read. I love how you never actually mention the girl's name in this, but you get to know her well all the same. :)

I got to really know the character portrayed in the story. :) I love the playful writing style used, as well. :)

Is this how you see one of your friends, or how you see from a friend's POV of yourself, or maybe how an actual friend sees you.

Reviewer Comments

Aw, I really love this. :) And it is interesting to know how people see you. ;)
Keep up the good work! God bless!