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Writing a bio for me is hard because I am myself and I could go on and on about how I think of me but would that be correct in others eyes? So I guess the only word I can really use to describe me is Bree and let my writing do the rest.

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I'm a Christian and blessed to be so, Jesus loves us all. I like writing and especially themes about love, more than romance, but sibling, friendship, agape, and parental, etc.

Life Through Letters

July 19, 2017


March 19, 1778
Dear Jared Pierot,

     It is often strange that I find Lady Laurel standing in front of the door. She stares at it, as if waiting for someone to come inside and sweep her away. Whom besides you, sir, might she be standing for? Waiting outside the door of our common life room?
Pray tell, might thy ask, what should I say to her? Under your orders of course, but I feel that I might have to step in as you are riding away to Elizabethtown in the morning. I ask for some instructions in case the worst was to happen and ask you might talk with Lady Laurel. I am not known for expertise when it comes to enquiring others about hidden things, and often am gullible. I am fully aware of this and hope to see you later this night before dawn break for further instructions. 
 The Best of Wishes,
Your Son-in-law,
Ladian Defane


April 22, 1778
Dear Jared Pierot,

With no other way to say it, I am agonized to inform you the morning of April 18th your sixth daughter Isabelle, Lady Laurel as I had written and spoken about to you earlier, was found running down the drive way to a waiting carriage. I tore across the yard and only just grasped her coat as she jumped inside the wagon and took off. Sir Bill Laurel accompanied me later that morning with two stallions of your stables and together rode after the accursed black wagon. I apologize for the taking of horses without permission. It seemed necessary to catch up with her as soon as the present circumstances allowed. I heard nothing the said husband, Bill, said after the arrival, only that his incoherent shouts echoed from the parlor even as I was in my rooms. Upon entering the parlor Isabelle's face was red and she cried, rocking back and forth. Though I disagree with how the situation was dealt with by Mr. Laurel, because it seems accompanied with the reprimand was a slap by the shape of a hand on her face, I barely blame Mr. Laurel.
We had reached Isabelle on April 20th, a two day journey. Isabelle had fled with a man known as Thomas, because she refuses to give his last name or title. They were found lying atop a hill for a rest with a half-consumed meal. Thomas unfortunately got away after dragging Isabelle a good two miles and losing her in the wooded area of a small town along the lines of Elizabethtown. Ruddy faced, Mr. Laurel yanked her upright despite some moans and cries for help on her part and saddled her on his horse before riding back.
Young Isabelle has been despondant to me. I have tried my best to understand why she would leave with such a ruffian, because he certainly was no nobleman, and away from the rich Bill Laurel. I intend to see you at the end of the week, here. Her sisters and brothers are very concerned as to how she pulled it off... and to how Mr. laurel will react, without any disrespect or doubt to his abilities meant.

Awaiting your arrival,
Ladian Defane

April 23rd, 1778

I don't have much time to tell you what I need to tell you, only that by secret this letter is being written and sent to you. I must cut forth with formalities and say what needs to be said lest you read this after Bill or my brother-in-laws' letter, for surely they are writing their own. I am stuck with this brute you have chosen for me. I am a firm, pious woman. This you know me to be, Father. I have been since mother took us to sit and watch the preacher from the pews. But despite my best efforts I have not found the soul that inhabits every human in him.
Bill traps me in this loveless marriage, going out every night with his friends to drink his rounds and leave me unattended in this house full of happiness. But not my happiness, others happiness. He refuses to let me out of this marriage and has countless of times come home only to become violent with me. He belittles me. I met a man when I visited the market called Thomas. I will not release his name for fear of your temper but will tell you his status is nothing compared to ours. I met him and we have talked for a few months. It was after all of this time that I had decided, finally, to run away with Thomas after his outrage of seeing the bruises snaking across my shoulders.
Please come quickly Father. I have called for mother but they do not allow me paper to write. I pray you will save me, and if you will not forgive me, then I pray you will understand.


April 22nd, 1778
Dear Father,

I have always regarded you as such even before I married your daughter. I realize Ladian may have already conveyed to you the recent event, but if you are unaware of what has happened, your daughter Isabelle was caught running away with a man named Thomas. I have reacted as any man should, by asking her whom and why. She has refused to respond to me with the promptness that can't help but frustrate me. I ask you come home as soon as time allows and deal with this problem. Be warned, Isabelle does not seem to be herself and often lies to earn sympathy in this predicament. Too many people have fallen for this inside of our close family and you, being the rightful and deserving head of house, are the only one that holds the power to put minds at rest inside of our closely-knit group. I will occupy the time by trying to still Isabelle into a sense of calm to look and act presentable and ready in your presence.

Hoping to see you soon,
Your son-in-law,
Bill Laurel

April 26th, 1778

My friend has promised to make sure this is delivered to you my desired, a most trusted friend I have known for ten years. If there is anyone I trust as nearly as much as you it is him, Douglas Ferry. I lost hold of your warm hand in the rush and heat of the footrace against us and the two fools. For this I deeply apologize, from the bottom of my heart and very essence. I know that living with your sisters, you must be shown mercy there or otherwise I would've left that day with a fresh horse and retrieved you from the bumbling idiotic figure that has the fortune of being married to a woman such as yourself. I personally seek to duel him, but a bullet is a bullet all the same that will enter his ribs. Or, more preferable, his heart to ensure the son of a (explicit) does not live. Which is the proper price to pay for harming or even talking to a woman of your stature. I think, however, that of this stature you stand alone as  the single best woman, or rather, single best person I have met and will ever meet.
My Isabelle, I will not relinquish what I have promised and what I have felt for you because of a (explicit)'s setback. A minor setback, at that. I will get you back by my side and against my chest to feel the beating of your heart. If I must sacrifice my own life I would gladly do so to have you with me. Be assured that no matter what happens, before the end of this month you will be with me in the countryside Belle.

Your beloved Thomas

April 26th, 1778
Dear William,

I have been trying time and time again to seek passage home but I need you to meet with Ladian and Isabelle instead if this schedule does not change. I understand the stakes and every free moment I look into this 'Thomas' and whom he might be. You will meet with me here with Isabelle, who I expect to be in the best condition with no help from anyone else and no convincing from another's views. She will be dressed with the help of her sisters and I wish the rest of her stay to be spent in their presence. You will leave tomorrow to meet me with the permission of the usage of my stables.

Your Father,
Jared Pierot

April 29th, 1778

My love time is short. I must ask despite the fact I am aware of the troubles you face at home, that you somehow make it outside or at least to the window of your sister's room, your sister Miranda. There I will have something waiting though for fear this falls into the wrong hand I will not tell you what exactly is planned only that you should have what you want to take with you in hand. Keep faith and I shall arrive to take you away from the despicable man called your 'husband'. Do not tarry darling, I am not sure whether I will be there tonight or the next but wait by the window as long as you can.

To My Beloved, From Yours

May 14th, 1781

My Father I miss you. I miss you and all of my sisters along with some of my brothers, both by blood and by marriage. My old friends are also missed and I hope you will let them know just how much I love and am thankful to all of them. Tell Ladian he was always my awkward brother. He often seemed to be smart enough to know what was going on but unsure of what to do. I hope he finally realizes just what a beautiful young woman my sister Christina is and how capable she is of making the best decisions for the both of them. I ask you tell my sister Miranda thank you for so much and all the things she has going on will let her amount to a great woman of world-wide renown. I beg you tell Joel, her husband, that he was my favorite of the in-laws. Fair and just, I know he will help her to her light and see that she is always recognized for her part and aiding in his own essays and paperwork. Tell Abigail she has always been the creative one. I hope she opens the shop she wishes to have with her husband Nicolas. Tell Samuel to find the woman of his dreams that matches his mind and heart as well as a mind and heart of her own. Let her think for herself and learn from her ideals to improve your own. Joseph, always the tender one with a gentle hand, to help the illegitimates as he set out to do in the first place. I hope that with the help of Alina he gets where he deserves to be.
I beg you tell them this because I have not said goodbye to them nor had the chance to as I have to you, though I have certainly hinted at it. I know being your youngest you worry for me, but trust me when I say I am certainly happier this way. Thomas is soon to be my husband after he and I make it to France to start anew. From there I hope we  will be able to make it to his cousins where we might be able to live free of the burdens that have undergone me and my loveless, painful marriage. I am already happy to announce I am inviting you to the wedding, though only you and my family without William. Speaking of William, I beg you to convince him of divorce so he might be able to meet a woman more fit for him. Though then I ask you to beg her for forgiveness on my behalf for marrying such a man as he.
I am happy here Father, and hope to see you soon enough later this year, this Summer perhaps. Thank you for everything, and know you are my loved and beloved father. I love all of you and will send you more detail on the wedding once we get to France.

With All The Love A Single Soul May Hold,

May 20th, 1781
Dear Mr. Pierot,

I shall keep this letter short and quick for you because I know I must first meet you in order to truly gain your favor. I thank you for forgiving your daughter for running away with me and, though you may think me crazed, feel I should make things right. I ask that you call Mr. Laurel to the dueling grounds so we might settle this once and for all without having to run from our pasts before leaving for France, setting things right back home here. I am quite excited to meet you in person and hope I can live up to your standards though I doubt any man could deserve to marry your daughter.

Sincerely Thomas

June 15, 1781
Dear Son,

I am most happy to tell you to have a safe journey. I have payed for the ship that will be taking you to France and hope you always remember you have my blessings. May you and Isabelle have a great life and I will be accompanying you on your journey along with the rest of the family to France. Congratulations on the dueling grounds, and we all pray your shoulder has gotten better from the glancing shot William Laurel got off.
And please thank my dear Isabelle for opening my eyes to the demon that walked before me and hurt my daughter. After she explained what had happened I wished to duel the man myself had you not already been marching that way. Please tell her thank you as well for coming back. She hadn't a need to write back to us. She might've even had an even fresher start in France, but she stayed to sort things out and say good bye.
Luckily for all of us, she was strong and dealt with her past with a grace unbeknownst to me before. I will be riding down to the docks in the Florida harbors to help you and Isabelle on and climb aboard myself. Further details will be sent to you from Joel, your future brother. Who, might I add with great pride, is now a father to my grandson.
Please, if there is one thing I must ask of you, it is to stay true to my daughter Isabelle. She deserves a true man at the very least. If there is nothing else you do for her, it is that you will always give, tell, and stay true to her about matters, even the smallest insignificant ones. May she always stay true to the pious side of her.
Hoping to see you soon and in the best of conditions,
Jared Pierot

Trying something new.

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  • RedWriter

    Thank you! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it

    over 4 years ago
  • AbigailSauble

    Great job! I love how you wrote this! Just like the title suggests. :)
    Great conclusion, as well!
    Keep up the good work! God bless!

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