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Nothing more and nothing less.

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August 17, 2015

You were a mere embellishment,
plastered with small tools to to the wall.
Your hourly and chronological toll from the balcony,
each call going in vain once and for all.

Ignorant Blurs oblivious and paying no heed,
to your rusted, oxidised Pendallum and weight~
the very soul of your hourly twitter,
your chirps ricocheting and never assimilating in the manifold chatter.

Every progressive waning-
someday leading up to your inevitable mechanical undoing.

But you were claimed by an oppressive torrent,
as you lay there gawking at me from the linoleum floor,
one half entombed by the drugget.
Our minds for once not pervaded by blather.

My peripheral vision glimpses the dialin your beak,
your hold on the minute and the hour far from seek.
among haphazardly scattered nuts and bolts,
your imbibed essence was in the now shattered once oscillating gears.
The now shattered once oscillating gears imbibed your essence.
Our lack of apathy now, the only mark of your evanescence.
This poem explores well.... Whatever you feel!


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