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If you could tell me if this fits the prompt and if the last stanza specifically needs any work, that would be great! Thanks!

I Am Utterly Human

August 16, 2015

I am utterly human
With finite years to waste
Creating new vices to taste
Bound by laws and different notions
A creature driven by emotions

I am utterly human
Prone to make mistakes
Clawing at the internal ache
Likely to insult and upset
Covering my rage with fret
I am utterly human
My core screams for me to hate
But that anger starts to abate
Leaving me without defenses
Confusion springs within my senses
I am utterly human
Imperfect with a pinch of cruelty
Fantasy is my escape from reality
Hiding like a child from its monster
From this demon I will never conquer
I am utterly human
I will never be enough
I will never be tough
I will never be soft
My sins will never waft
I am utterly human
Desperately crying for a savior
Tears of despair for my behavior
Longing for a show of compassion
Chasing the taunting whisper of passion
I am in need of the Redeemer
Someone to save my soul, a reminder
of hope that could still be
of the potential living inside me
For - I am utterly human


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