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Beauty in Love

August 16, 2015

Rose red lips, complexion clear,is how beauty commonly appears.
Luscious hair ofcopper and gold
is the beauty our eyes behold, 
But beyond the skin and underneath
lives a soul who longs to keep
that which lies above.

Snow white teeth and eyes like jewels 
can trick the average fools 
into thinking she is real.
Lashes thick and silken hands
hides the trueness of the brand
of the lives some females lead. 

Lovely words and sweetened lies
is how the average woman ties
her lover to her side.
But I long to differ in this task.
I want not wear a mask 
of beauty for which I am loved. 

Although beauty is  known as female staple,
it fades like autumn's maple,
which basks in dying light
But I wish for love that is not by sight,
love that is pure, and strong, and right.
Then my heart will savely reside
In the love of one who is not swayed by beauty's tide.


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