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I am a full-time high school senior with a love for writing. Fiction and Fantasy are what make me tick, which is why most of my work falls into those catagoires. My hobbies include not writing, and doing homework all weekend.

Message to Readers

I'm an amiture writer and I just write for fun... I would like to know what your opinions on my subject and the way I wrote my poem. Hope you like it! :)

The Old People

August 15, 2015

Together they danced in a circle, one after the other 
to a music that reaches deep into darkness of the soul 

It echoed around the ruins heard by no one 
With the exception of the old people 
Who's ancient ways are known to none

They never left, never disappeared, never even came near

For thousands of years they lived in peace
Then we came 
And their numbers began to decrease 
Working their mischief they sole away human children and replaced them with their own 

The changelings would grow older 
And the children would as well
Only the changeling would also grow colder

The changelings had hearts of stone 
With compassion for no one
And always wanted to be left alone 

A changeling has only one good exception 
His talent with an instrument 
Is his only redemption

Their practice had been done for thousands of years
For the thousands of unwanted fairies 
Left by the old people without any tears

They have not been seen for many a year 
But the past is the past
And the Old People are now right here 


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