New Zealand

Hi my name is Anshi. I'm a student from New Zealand and writing is one of my favourite hobbies. I hope you enjoy reading my work


July 17, 2017


I hear a scream as I’m walking out of the front door. It was Mrs Cobbleberry. I thought she watching one of her telenovelas, but the scream went on for a long time. I was wondering how scary can telenovelas get. I actually got scared, so I headed over to Mrs Cobbleberry’s house to see what was going on. As I saw through her front window. I saw her son… impaled with a shard of glass. I was very shocked to. I was actually very scared that I started screaming which lead to the entire neighbour-hood rushing to Mrs Cobbleberry’s house to see the drama that was going on. When everyone was at Mrs Cobbleberry’s house. Some guy was smart enough to call the police. But when the police arrived, the real drama started
When the police officer came towards the door, the  female police officer shouted out “ARISH!”  and slammed the door opened. I have a feeling that the police officer knew Arish. Because when she went through the door she kissed Arish on the forehead. As the officer kissed Arish. He magically woke up and said shuttering “Blue silk ties” These words definitely meant something to the police, but we didn’t know what it meant. But as Arish said those words, his mother disappeared, so did the female officer. So did the male officer. It was pretty freaky. As that group of people were banished. Arish stood up. He pulled the shard of glass out of his chest and walked outside.
People were separated into sides, people who were frightened by Arish and people who were cheering him and praising him. I was the person who stood there in the corner trying to figure out what was going on. This event was a very weird moment for lots of people. It got more weirder when Arish started making eye contact with people. The people he made contact with, those people were turned into ashes. I didn’t want to make eye contact with Arish so I hid in a bush to see the drama that was going on. When Arish finished with the neighbour-hood he headed towards the city. Making contact with anyone that walked in his way. I kept following Arish. Jumping into bushes as he glanced a inch backwards.
Arish was heading one way only. FBI headquarters. I figured out his target. Pablo Alonso Segura. The one person he desperately wanted to banish. The man who took away his job. The name people know him as.  I was the only person who could stop him. I kept following Arish as I put on my laser shield so that Arish won’t be able to banish me. As I’m ready to defeat Arish, I yell out “Arish! Stop right where you are” While pointing a gun at him. I knew this felt so wrong as he was my best mate but I had to do it. For everyone’s safety. Arish turns around and talks back “Pablo. Oh Pablo, you poor thing. You think I’m going after for someone. Oh hell no. I was looking for you. Pablo Alonso Segura. The man who took my job. The man who took my wife. The man who took everything I had. I was looking for you. I wanted to say my goodbyes to you. As you are going to leave in 3..2..1” 3..2..1 comes my army of FBI agents. 3..2..1 comes a laser shooting out of his eye. There goes my bullet, shooting towards him. Down he goes. Then all of a sudden a plane goes through GNB building. And comes up all the people Arish had banished. 

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