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Writing a bio for me is hard because I am myself and I could go on and on about how I think of me but would that be correct in others eyes? So I guess the only word I can really use to describe me is Bree and let my writing do the rest.

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Always, always always remember to see both sides of the story and you might just fill another book.


July 16, 2017


I looked over it all. All of it, it was my mission, I had to take it all in and let it dwell inside me, breathe through me and become a part of me. That was my mission anyway. They wanted me to get as much of the culture as I could.
What a load of bull. Why did they think I could do this? I messed up everything. I crossed my arms stubbornly as they pulled the big sandy jeep to a stop in front of my new living space. They'd taken care of my passports and everything, even gave me a wad of 1000 dollars as well as paying for the room and education and daily food. Be that as it may I would die for a taco right about now.
I asked what I would need an extra thousand for but they just shrugged. Accessories? Maybe. You never knew even though I've already got my disguise ready to go. I pulled up my backpack and wished that they had pockets like my camo pants. I think that might've been the hardest part of coming on this trip. Sand blew up wherever I stepped and fought furiously to leap into my eyes. The buildings in front of me weren't run down but very... not new, I guess would be the right thing to say. Shutters were closed and the building was three levels high that I was going to be taking refuge in. Women in the same type of garb as me- black dresses with hoods that only showed eyes- walked past me and scurried towards the other buildings. Men walked around with more air here definitely. Strutting around, most of the time with a big grin that I didn't like very much. I went inside the building with a backwards glance at the Jeep. The suckers who had accompanied me had already taken off into the dunes, leaving a generous amount of sand to inhale.


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  • AbigailSauble

    Intriguing . . . will you turn this into a longer story? :)
    Keep up the great work!
    God bless!

    almost 3 years ago