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Thoughts that are forge

August 18, 2015

My words are not sufficient,
They're just ordinary.
They are not made of gold, or plated with silver.
They are not encrusted with diamonds, emeralds, or gems.
They are simple, ordinary words,
Used in everyday vernacular.
I have nothing to hide
but everything to show
and with these words
I shall express my thoughts.
I will hide nothing.
I will not coat anything.
It is what I believe
With true thought within every phrase.
I shall create words
I shall create thoughts.
People may not hear,
People may not listen,
People may not see.
The words I make
The thoughts I forge
The ideas I harbor.
But I shall create them from my being
for all who choose to see,
Choose to hear,
Choose to listen.

For words are used to create new worlds.

To bridge together worlds so far.


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