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By: Kaitlen Fagan

PROMPT: The Unknown

I don't know much about love
I have been told it feels like flying, feet never touching the ground
Perhaps this is only a hallucination of those who have found it
How do you find something that eludes even the most wonderful of people?
How do you know when you finally attain it?
How can something with such a simple name, be so difficult to catch?

Peer Review

Last line. Perfect conclusion with the comparison of the spelling of the word and its meaning.

Some of the rumors of what love is are probably only rumors.

A peaked sense of curiosity.

Reviewer Comments

I really like the structure of this piece and the phrases you use. It would be interesting if you talked about the different types of love since you didn't specify in the beginning ( though I quickly realized you were talking about the romantic sort). The Greeks had four different words for the word love for a reason : love's complicated.