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Hey, it's me! Corbin! I'm a 16 year old guy that tries to live and love. I'm fairly bad at writing, but I do it anyways because it's a great way to express my feelings.

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"Just tie the rope
and kick the chair
Just leave me hanging there,
Gasping for air, yeah
Don't mind me three feet from the ceiling."

-Tie The Rope by The Format

I Noticed

July 14, 2017


Sometimes, I don't remember how it started.
I don't remember introducing myself
Our only common interests were our mutual friends
The first thing I remember on our timeline was you giving my friend a hug because she had a rough day
I liked your long, almost black hair. That was first. 
I noticed you.

Eventually, I started sitting at the same lunch table as you and our friends. 
You were funny and witty. I remember laughing with you
I was still hooked on another girl at the time. I tried not to stare at you. It almost felt wrong. I barely knew you. 
Yet my eyes always found their way back to yours
Those gorgeous, entrancing eyes.
That was second.
I noticed you.

One day, you very subtly asked me to morp
"If you don't get asked in the next while, do you wanna go?" you asked me
That was the first time you made my heart jump. Something told me it wouldn't be the last. 
I stuttered my reply. I was nervous all of the sudden. 
You beamed when I said yes.
You had perfect teeth. Your lips separated and curled into a smile. 
I caught myself wondering what your lips feel like
Your smile was third.
I noticed you.

I performed in a play. Bye Bye Birdie.
I was Hugo; the jealous, lovestruck teenager
You came to see me one night; I wasn't supposed to see you walk in with a bouquet of roses for me.
I was nervous that I would mess up in front of you, but I went on stage anyways with a vest and a little sparkly golden hat
I saw your smile in the audience. Something about that smile was different than usual.
When I finished my scene and went backstage, you sent me a text about that golden hat. You thought it was adorable.
"I think I love you", you said jokingly. 
Once again, you made my heart jump. 
I gave you a hug after the show and somehow your hand made it into mine.
They were soft and secure. They felt safe. 
They were fourth.
I noticed you. 

We started hanging out more often
We would go down to your basement and watch movies
One night, we went on a walk
You grabbed my hand first. 
As we walked through the darkening neighborhood, I scanned the skies so I could find the first star; the "blinker", as you called it; you said that the finder of the blinker gets a kiss. 
You forgot about the blinker. I didn't. I waited until I saw it. 
I won. You looked at me and rolled your eyes. 
Then you turned and pulled me to you and pressed your lips against mine. 
I could've stayed like that forever; standing in an empty street under the stars, kissing you. I was so happy. 
Your lips were even softer than I imagined. 
They were fifth. 
I fell for you.

Before I knew it, we were at morp, dancing with our friends.
We were dressed as Danny and Sandy.
and my God
You looked beautiful.
I didn't tell you this until a couple weeks later...
I loved you.

Now we're here
You are mine and I am yours
We support each other
And it's perfect.
I'm so unbelievably lucky.
and it's all because
I noticed you.
I noticed you; but that wouldn't have mattered if you hadn't noticed me first. Thank you.


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  • Haleistorm

    Thanks for dealing with my cheesy pickup lines.

    7 months ago