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Dear Mr Eucalyptus Brittle Gum

August 14, 2015

PROMPT: Dear Tree

Dear Mr Eucalyptus Brittle Gum ID 14411237,

What is it like to grow so tall? How it must be a wonderful feeling to stretch one's limbs so high that it is under them that other creatures seek refuge from the harsh light of the sun. Oh how I adore your shade on a summer day.

We must seem small to you, I think. Insignificant, running around in a chaotic scramble to get things done and get on with our busy lives. Passing by your thick trunk, as white and solid as bone, as though you were a mere post standing on the concrete footpath beside a quiet suburban road.

I know we don't always show much appreciation for you Mr Eucaluptus.

But I want you to know.

That while we may not show it, we really do appreciate you.

Very. Very. Much.

And I'd just like to thank you for the air we breathe and the elegence of your stoic beauty. For providing us with shade from sunlight on hot days and letting birds rest on your branches, which are already a bit too heavy for you to hold up as it is. 

You big grand old tree.

Thank you Mr Eucalyptus Brittle Gum.

Thank you for everything.




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