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By: Grace Hammond

PROMPT: The Unknown

I don't know much about poverty
Living with scars from fear 
Of each meal being this week's last 
Of my mother depriving herself for me 

I don't know the feeling 
Of hunger sinking in its teeth 
Of running my fingers over skin stretched thin 
And touching the bones beneath 

I don't know the sound 
Of my father crying at night 
Of the wailing of my brother 
Or the silence of still eyes 

I don't know the yearning 
For a roof over my head 
I don't have to wonder 
What it is to sleep with a pillow 

I don't know the pain 
Of watching my sister waste away 
Of seeing eyes sink deeper into skulls
And bodies turning into skeletons 

I don't know poverty 
I don't know its face 
I don't know it's voice
Screaming my name
And for this I am grateful everyday. 

Peer Review

Fifth stanza. It reminds me of the pictures of Holocaust victims.

Poverty is something you don't want to experience.

Slight horror, a tinge of relief.

Reviewer Comments

You did a great job with this prompt. Yeah, there's a few minor errors, but you nailed the description. Good job!