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It Still Isn't the Same

July 13, 2017

Ever since Father came back from the war, life hasn't been the same. Having Mother wake up extra early to help Father get dressed and eat breakfast. Having to watch Father struggle to pick up a book and read, and having to deal with the nervous stares of the rest of the town as we walk through to go to church or school. One day we were walking through the cobblestone streets to the store for cabbage. Father had tripped on a stone, and the rude boys of our Kansas City neighborhood laughed and pointed.

I remember the day he was drafted like it was yesterday: he came home with a grim look on his face after stopping by the post office on the way home from work.  He brought Mother into the parlor in private, where us kids couldn't hear him. Later that evening, after a nearly silent dinner full of worry at Father's news, we sat in the family room so Father could explain to us. We sat stunned as he informed us that he had been drafted into the army, and would be leaving the week after to fight on the front lines.

The state of our house has deteriorated since he returned, what with Mother putting all her energy into caring for Father. The floors are constantly covered in a layer of dirt, and the knickknacks on the mantle dusty. The sink is full of dishes needing washed, and though I try to keep me and my sisters looking neat, our clothes have become grimy and stained.

We lived through his time in the war and the time after as his body healed, but not fully: when he returned, he was missing an arm. With him he brought a letter, telling us how to help him, how to help him live without his left arm.

We have lived through it, but it still isn't the same.


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  • July 13, 2017 - 5:07pm (Now Viewing)

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1 Comment
  • AbigailSauble

    Excellent job! Great job in evoking the emotion of this composition!
    'We have lived through it, but it still isn't the same.' This is very true of most every
    soldier + his family after returning from war.
    Keep up the good work! God bless!

    over 2 years ago