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Gosh I'm laughing so hard right now. Best read out loud because this is basically slam poetry and I have no idea how it happened. Let me know what you think!

all i've never known

March 22, 2018

PROMPT: The Unknown

I have never known love. Well, no, that's not true. I mean, I have never known romantic love. Never looked at someone and felt a rush of emotion, of happiness - they smile at me and warmth blossoms in my chest. I have never felt the touch of another person's lips or danced with someone whose arms felt like home. I have never sat anxiously by the phone, never doodled another last name next to mine, never blushed when they sat next to me in class, never held someone's hand because it just felt right. 

I have never had a crush. Not ever. Not once.

Except... there was this one time, for a second or two, I met a girl whose smile was sunshine and I thought... maybe.
     But maybe not? 

It's a twisting thought that encircles my mind. Am I capable of feeling what they write about in books? Am I wired like everyone else? I see the beauty in others, enough to make my heart flutter but never have I felt anything that has lasted beyond a moment and I just



I don't know if I've already felt these things but thought the feelings should have been stronger but then some people say that if you've felt it you know there are no questions or doubting that you love him or her. It's instinct, it's pure and it's a great big mess but you know.
           I've never known.
So I guess I've never felt. 


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