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Please leave suggestions and critiques on anything. FYI I hope this will turn into a mystery with a bit of romance and my names are definitely not final, so name suggestions are also welcome.

On the Lake (W.I.P)

July 13, 2017


    I saw the dark clouds coming over lake an hour ago, a storm was brewing. While mom and dad have been downstairs preparing for the worst-- floods, power outages, etc (they really don’t want anything to happen to the new house)-- I’m preparing too. Storms have always been my favorite weather, all the rain and chaos stuck outside, while we’re inside just watching and listening, it seems almost peaceful.
    I’ve finished organizing my pillows and blankets by the window, books and snacks piled on the floor. Only one thing left: hot chocolate. I head downstairs to the kitchen where I find john- my little brother- running out of the bathroom carrying a stack of towels.
    “What do you need with all those? Going to the beach or something?” I say.
    “No,” John says, not stopping before turning to run down the hall. I run to catch up with him. When I’m back next to him he says, “Momma just told me to bring them to the front door. Maybe she’s using them to keep water from getting in.”
    It’s a reasonable answer so I shrug and and turn into the kitchen. Just as I’m pouring the milk into the pot, I hear the front door slam shut. Dad must’ve been outside securing the basement and garage. I hear mom talking to john, telling him to give her the towels and go grab some extra clothes. Extra clothes? For what? Maybe dad got soaked, but he would be able to get his own clothes. I hear a voice I don’t recognize say thanks, then mom and dad talking in muffled voices.
    Now utterly confused by what was going on, I put the milk back in the fridge and walk into the living room. Now I see the body attached the voice. A young man, probably about my age, and a girl a bit younger maybe 9 or 10. The boy looks up when I walk in, his piercing blue eyes lock on mine, still somewhat hidden by his sodden hair. Mom see me too, immediately jumping to her feet.
    “Hi, sweetie.” She says, as if those two strangers aren’t standing right behind her.
    “Hi,” I say back, and when I look at her confused and gesture to the strangers, she finally seems to remember her manners.
    “Oh! Right sorry,” she turns looks to the strangers and then back at me. “This is James and Emily. They live in the house across the lake.”
    “Ok… um, hi.” I turn to james and emily, to introduce myself since mom is now distracted by john running in with a pile of his clothes. “I’m Wyn by the way.”
    “Nice to meet you,” James says. Mom hands a pile of clothes and a towel over to him.
    “You can dry off down and change the hall, bathroom is the first door on the left.” Mom walks over to me now, “think you can find something for Emily to wear?” I look over at the girl, soaking in her jeans and shuffling her feet from side to side.
    I sigh, “sure.” I walk over to the girl. “Hey Emily, lets go upstairs and see if we can find you something dry to wear.” She looks up at me and nods, so I lead her to my room in the attic. She pauses by the door looking around, while I head to my drawers. I pull out an old t-shirt and some pajama shorts, and point over to the bathroom. “You can change there, I hope this fits.” I hand her the clothes and she shuffles over to the door. I hear the door click shut and walk over to the window, I forgot to lock it so it blew open and now my blanket and pillows are all wet. I shut the window as he walks in.
    “Sorry to bother you,” he stands in the doorway. “Your mom says my sister was up here.” I look up and point to the bathroom.
    “Ya, she’s just changing.” I crouch down to make sure my books aren’t wet, thankfully they aren’t. I hear his feet walking toward me, and he sits down next to me, now in dry clothes, but his hair is still damp. He picks up a book scans over the blurbs and puts it back down.
    “So, um, I don’t mean to be rude but, why are you guys here?” I look up at him and move the pile of books so I’m sitting across from him.
    “Oh, yeah,” He runs his hand through his hair, looking embarrassed. “My sister and I were out on the lake when the storm started. We didn’t have time to make back to our own house when the lightening started. Your dad was outside, saw us, and waved us in.”
    “But I saw the clouds coming over the lake an hour before it started to rain, you guys went out knowing it was gonna rain? Why?” He looks out the window then back at me.
    “Well…” His mouth quirks up in an embarrassed smirk. “We were… um… we were--” Just then the bathroom door opens and Emily walks out. Her face brightens when she sees her brother, and walks right over to him. He stands up and hugs her. “You OK Em?”
    “Yeah,” she says in almost a whisper . It’s the first thing she’s said all night. I look at the clock, it reads 7:56 pm.
“We should go back down, it’s getting late and you guys should be getting home.” James nods in agreement and we all head downstairs. John’s back in his phone playing some video game moms sitting, a worried look on her face. She stands up when she sees us.
    “There you are! It’s getting late, we should call your parents and let them know where you are.” She looks around for her phone, but can’t seem to find it. “John, honey, can I borrow your phone? I can’t find mine.”
    Without looking up from his game he replies, “I’m kinda in the middle of something, can’t you borrow Wyn’s?”
    “Mine almost dead and charging upstairs,” I answer before mom even has a chance to look at me. John is always playing video games, but since my parents wouldn’t let him bring his laptop to the lake house, now he’s very protective of his phone, they’re practically inseparable. John glares at me as he hands mom his phone. I smile back.
    “You guys should probably call,” Mom hands the phone over to James, who nods and dials.
    “Hi mom,” James finally says. “Woah, calm down! We--we’re fine ok.” I can practically hear his mom yelling through the phone. He’s silent for a moment. “We’re across the lake. With the family in the house across the lake.” For a while there’s a lot of “yes” and “no” and “uh-huh”. I remember my hot chocolate, and look over at emily, her arms wrapped around herself. I walk over and ask if she would like some hot chocolate. She nods and thanks me quietly. As I walk out of the room, I hear John say “me too!” and I groan.
    When I walk back in with four mugs of hot chocolate (I figured I’d make one for James too), moms not longer there, and everybody else has found a seat on the couch. I place the tray with drinks on the table as mom walks back in.
    “So, we were going to drive you guys home, since the lightning seemed to have stopped, but apparently a few trees have fallen on the road to your house, so your parents said, and I agree, that you should stay the night.” Mom hands the phone back to John, who returns to his game. Emily looks at her big brother, who is looking at mom.
    “Oh, ok.” He looks down at his drink. “I’m sorry,” His voice is soft.
    Mom smiles when he looks up. “There’s no need to sorry, we’re all just glad you guys are safe.” Then she looks over to me.     “Wyn could you go grab some sheets and the air mattress from the closet?” I down the rest of my drink and stand up. James gets up too.
    “I’ll help.” He follows me out and down the hall. As I open the door to the closet the light flickers on and right back off. At the same time the hallway light goes off too.
    “Great,” I mutter under my breath, reaching around for a flashlight. James finds one first and illuminates the room. I grab the sheets and some blankets, now that the air mattress is useless. James grabs another flashlight and two pillows.
    Back in the living room, the coffee table’s been moved to the side and mom and John are lighting the candles and lanterns we keep around the room. She sees our flashlights and lets out a breath.
    “Thank god you grabbed some of those.” She walks over and take one flashlight and the sheets.
    “Where’s dad?” I ask. I haven’t seen him since James and Emily arrived.
    “He down in the basement trying to find more lanterns.”
This will hopefully turn into a mystery with a bit of romance. The names are not final, and this is just a first draft. Please review and critique

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  • Uma Bhat

    Interesting! I like the flow of the story so far, and how to started the piece off (I'm not good at starting, props to you). Can't wait to see more!

    over 2 years ago
  • AbigailSauble

    Great job with this! Intriguing! Keep up the good work!
    God bless!

    over 2 years ago