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Blood in my Teeth

August 13, 2015

If I can't love you then I'll have the second best
I'll watch you stretch beautifully beneath me
and you can watch the shadows lick my face
my hands outline your skull
And then your neck 
sinews stretching and twisting beneath my fingers
 heart pulsing so hard beneath them
it threatens to push them away
your blood is in my teeth
your breath is in my mouth
your sweat is on my tongue
your hands are on my back
your nails raking ribbons down my spine
you made me lose my breath
it's only fair that you should lose yours

The body is still without life to rustle it 
death makes mutes of us all
no more blood rushing through veins
heart sucking and pushing
creaks in your joints
breath in your lungs
The wet noise of the throat tightening to swallow
the rasp of fingernails on skin and clothes
you stretch beautifully beside me
Since I couldn't love you
here we are



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1 Comment
  • lauren lafavor

    Very good I love it it's super deep and it shows alot of emotion almost could be a good song and there is nothing wrong with it's perfect in my opinion I think you'll get close with the finalist on the poetry comp. = )

    over 3 years ago