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Where Do You Want to Live?

August 13, 2015

I want to live in a castle that looks like a cottage
where there is a cobblestone path
leading to the heavy oak door with a large brass handle
There would be ivy growing up the side
with climbing roses intertwined
And it would be close to a brook or creek
Deep enough to cool down in, but crystal clear
and littered with sparkling, technicolor pebbles
And there would be cattails and weeping willows
growing along the bank
amidst red and gold and purple wildflowers
The garden would be overgrown with fruits and flowers
A wild wonderland with wrought iron benches and gates
At night we would catch fireflies and then free them
and in the morning we would sit at a circle booth and eat
toast and bacon with maple syrup
Wide wooden cupboards would hold our
hodge-podge cups and glasses
Some elegant and graceful, some stout and sturdy
In the living room there would be a stone fireplace
with a grand mantel that would hold all
of our finest treasures on display
And within we would burn blue and green flames
There would be large window panes to
let the golden light filter in
and frame the rampant storm as it drove through 
the tops would be colored seaglass, like stained glass windows
and the windowsills would be wide and wooden
the perfect width for any cup
It would have worn hardwood floors, parts covered in soft rugs
and overstuffed, mismatched chairs and couches
surrounded by bookshelves filled with fairytales and adventures
The bathroom would hold a seashell sink with a hooked faucet
and a circular tub big enough for two,
and on the sides would be soap for bubble baths
and shelves for candlewax 
And our bedroom would contain a massive cushioned bed
with feather pillows and a fluffy homemade quilt bigger than we need
And hung on the wall, above the headboard
would be a gorgeous dream catcher
stealing away all the nightmares.


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