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Free falling through time

September 11, 2015

The crow screams like a wounded child, “Nevermore!” It is crawling and cursing at me. The early morning tastes like fresh dew and coffee. The droplets of rain kiss my skin. The air smells like thunder and anticipation. The sky is black and churning. The pitch black makes me feel like I am free falling through time. Eve stands on top of the Empire State Building and looks up to the raging universe. The crows call is deep, unlike a child's, similar to that of a grown man. The clouds read OMW, on my way, as the storm and chaos approaches. The storm threatens, so the people put on their sunglasses to block the sun. “IT’S HAILING HOCKEY PUCKS!” someone screeches. I leap from the top of the empire state building, I sprout my dark angel wings and soar between bolts of Zeus's lightning and plummeting bullets of ice. The thrashing sky symbolizes peace for the humans on the earth below. The solid and mighty cement streets begin to experience angst and agony. Evie descends from the sky, her wings fold behind her as she lands on the green lawns of Central park. This storm will ensure anarchy. The noble thug locks his doors, windows, battens down the hatches, and cries “SOMETIMES YOU NEED TO BLEED TO KNOW THAT YOU ARE ALIVE!” If you buy the universe raspberries, you will have good karma. La ciudad está triste, emocionado, y nubes grito. The skyscrapers beg for jackets. The churning black sky cracks open and hell, rain, lightning, thunder, demons, and fallen stars erupt.


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