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I am a teen that gets lost in the world of writing and reading. Something I learned and plan on following is... "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." - Ben Franklin

Message to Readers

I was just wondering if I said "The Wild Wind" too many times in the poem. Let me know if you can and I hope you enjoy!

The Wild Wind

August 31, 2015

PROMPT: Poetry

The wild wind can crumble bridges and devour blossoms.                                                            
People stagger through morning and evening from the wild wind.
The wild wind coaxes people while they twinge with fear and ask to leave.
Vibrant colors and fire are consumed with darkness.
The wild wind is like a pack of wolves looking for a meal.
Like prowling tigers that can smell fear.
It's full of despair that only sees sorrow,
but we can conquer it and slice away the bruises it has caused.
We can build what it has destroyed.
Start to discover and understand its secrets.
We can pronounce triumphance and riddance to the wild wind.
We don't have to be frail.
We can complete our task if we only believe.



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