Josephine O'Grady

United States

If a particle of your observations tugs at you a certain way, don't forget to write it down.

Message to Readers

I normally plunge right into the story when I start writing, so this was a new and different
approach for me. So constructive feedback is appreciated, because I want to get better at this!
And, in case if you're wondering, these beginnings are for different stories,
not different beginnings for the same one. Thanks for reading! :)

Five Beginnings

August 11, 2015

With a child narrator:
When my mother was happy, she had a loose, pretty smile and made the kind of jokes that
always make you laugh. Being only three years old at the time I recognized my mother's happy
image, I didn't know much about it except that it made me happy, too. I kept the image of my
smiling mother in my head until I learned to write and express the image with words.
Then I could put it on paper. So I'd never forget it.

With a character description:
I had always been a person who cried silently. I would cover my eyes with hands, lean my head down,
and stay like that. When I uncovered my eyes and stood up, you could see my tears, each one like
a little river, in a line down my face, making my freckles mottled and watery, like puddles on the 
side of a road.

With a statement or fact:
The old white house on the other side of town hadn't been lived in in years.

With a specific moment in time:
I have not thought of the details of that day in years, but I suppose I must try to recall
them, or else the story will end right now. Let's see, it must have been some time in the 

afternoon, because the sun was well up into the blue sky, my guess is it was around 12:30.
And I think it was a Saturday.

With a description of place:
The mountain our little cabin stood on was a wonderful home, to say the least. The sun always
rose in between Red Hill and Deerbrook Mountain, and was right in front of us as it slowly rose 
above the forest of pine trees spreading a blanket of pink, gold, and fire-red across the sky. 



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