Acacia Salisbury

United States

Black Boy Fly ( After Kendrick Lamar)

August 11, 2015

What up, what up Nigga you made it
What up what up Nigga we prayed it 
Is the call song for every black boy whose ever "made It"
Black boys are black birds who rarely know flight 
Trapped, Hunted, Gutted 
Won't survive to make it up out this hole 
So when they make it 
We call them 
Black Boy Fly
Black Boy Fly

Kendrick says:
When black boys fly up out of here it is 
By shooting hoops or living in the stereo   
The only way up out of the hood, you know the stereotypes

I say: 
What about the black boys who love ball but can't hop
Got Ryhmes just not the way Kendrick do 

I don't know that many black boys who have made it 
Making is something that is only relevant
when you never had a chance in the first place 
Some are fly without the flight 
Have mastered the art of ditching class heading nowhere fast 
Top of the block become so comfortable 
They lose sight of the sky 

My little brother is black boy fly in the making
He'd take a game of mindcraft over a game of ball anyday 
He is:
Young God 
with wings wider than any I've seen
I can't protect him from the terror 
Godforbid I scare him from flight 

If you ever meet a boy who is black boy fly try you best not clip his wings 
Call up the slave hymn for protection 
A baptist prayer 
Lend him you faith 
and remember that 
every little black boy is 
Black boy fly
Black boy fly 
Black boy fly 
This uses lines from and is inspired by Black Boy Fly By Kendrick Lamar a song off of good kid, m.A.A.d city 


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