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Who Once Was a Full Moon

August 13, 2015

PROMPT: Lunar Phrases

1. I was once a full moon.

2. I was part of a whole when you entered my life.
        3/4 of the moon; the part of me that I knew
      the last 1/4; the part of me I gave to you
        I didn't know that one day

3. I became half of a moon, once whole
        Split in two because I let you
      grab parts of me and make them seem like parts of you
            But you just let me 
      dissolve: disappear into a shower of stars
        It was called a beautiful process; I believed in beauty.

4. I became a broken sliver
     A small beam of white light 
        not knowing when I had let myself slip away into you;
     Sometimes people squinted at me and wondered if I was even there

5. A moon in its final phase
     Although, they say we see the moon turn back
        Slowly finding again the parts of itself that were lost
     But the night is so used to the dark
        How easy it would be to let the stars shine alone
        when the road to recovery is a myth
    I cannot take back the parts of myself that were lost
        But I build myself a castle of stars
        no one can see me running

6. I was once a full moon.     


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