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I've lived in three countries so far and hope to further travel the world in order to gain the depth I need for the stories I really want to write someday - the stories I'm practicing for now.

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Crys in Threes

August 23, 2015

PROMPT: YOU in threes

Three quirks or idiosyncrasies:
1. Whenever I eat m&ms or skittles or other multicolored things, I arrange them in rainbow color order first.
2. If you ask me "What's up?" I will answer you literally, usually looking up first to check.
3. When I'm in a large crowd of moving people, I get obsessed with moving in the most efficient ways possible.

Three communities to which I belong: 
1. Third culture kids. This refers to those living in a country/culture other than the one their parents or they were raised in.
2. Creationsists.
3. Narnia fans.

Three adjectives my peers would use to describe me:
1. I hear "sassy" the most, though I would beg to differ.
2. Creative.
3. Quiet (though I think I'm growing out of this one).

Three adjectives my family would use:
1. Sarcastic (say the siblings).
2. Responsible (says the dad).
3. Oblivious (says the mom).

Three adjectives I would use:
1. Artistic.
2. Distractable.
3. Easily amused.

Three things very few people know about me:
1. I've tasted wine and champagne. They're disgusting. 
2. When I was 5 I became so obsessed with Pocohantas and John Smith (probably because I didn't get to watch a lot of movies) that I based a story world on them that I still use.
3. My right pinky fingernail is longer than my left pinky fingernail, which drives me crazy sometimes.

Three beliefs I hold:
1. Marvel comics are better than DC comics!
2. People should stop painting Jesus as a white guy with long hair.
3. Dinosaurs lived with humans. 

Three questions I have:
1. If I was split into two exact copies at birth and the two of me were raised in different families and didn't meet until this year . . . would we be friends?
2. Did I stop talking to him or did he stop talking to me?
3. How fit would I be if I ever actually worked out?

Three qualities that make my life singular and/or unusual:
1. I've gone to both private Christian  schools and an international school. It was a very interesting leap from "You have to stay this many inches away from the opposite gender" to "Hey, after the party we're gonna go chill at a bar".
2. I'm half Korean, but, unfortunately, I don't speak the language . . . but I can read it! 
3. No, I haven't seen that popular kid's tv show. You're lucky if I've even heard of it. 

Three specific physical descriptions:
1. Freckles beside the inside of my elbow where excema shows up in extreme weather.
2. A strip of pale skin on my left wrist - my watch tan line.
3. I don't have earlobes - my ears just kind of connect to the side of my head without that extra loop. There's a word for it but I don't know it. 

Three flaws:
1. I have never finished any of the many stories I've started writing due to distractions, boredom, or busyness. 
2. I'm scared of confrontation and being wrong, so I'll just avoid taking chances.
3. Procrastination.

Three favorites:
1. Turquise/ blueish green/ teal/ aqua green - whatever you wanna call it.
2. Deadpool (favorite nonexistent, mentally disturbed, regenerating mercenary).
3. 2B pencils - nothin' better to draw with.

Three pet peeves:
1. Rainbow paintings that have the colors out of order or only have, like, four colors, or add pink or brown. Essentially any inaccurate rainbow painting.
2. Using the word "less" like this: less people, m&ms, comic books, movies, etc. (As opposed to using "fewer". Blame my 5th grade grammar teacher.)
3. Finding that not all the pens in my pencil case are pointing the same direction. The horror.

Three instincts that serve me well:
1. Friend-choosing instinct.
2. Spelling things correctly instinct.
3. Just kidding, I don't have enough good instincts for this.

Three sources of comfort:
1. My dad.
2. A really cheesy book or movie (if I'm in a state that requires comforting, there's no way I'll be able to appreciate a good book or movie).
3. Drawing.


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