Crys Partridge

United States

I've lived in three countries so far and hope to further travel the world in order to gain the depth I need for the stories I really want to write someday - the stories I'm practicing for now.

Message to Readers

Tell me how you feel about this poem, and what type of person you perceive the speaker to be.

If Looks Could Kill

August 12, 2015

If looks could kill
I'd stare at you all day,
Or invite you over
To add to my array
Of skulls and femursĀ 
That I put on display
Up there in my attic
Where things decay
For my grandkids to discover
Once I pass away.

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1 Comment
  • Jenneth LeeD

    CRYS!!!! I LOVE THIS!!! Disturbing, yet comical and perfectly rhymed and metered.

    over 3 years ago