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July 6, 2017

PROMPT: Living in Music

If most writers on this website will take a look at my profile, they'll see a line that involves both my disapproval and enthusiasm for politics. And if some of the writers get to know me, they'll know I'm an EDM enthusiast as well. Naturally, my favorite song is a mix of both.

Klanga, by Gostan, is a EDM song with lyrics that mix late President Kennedy's speech during the Cold War. The main lyrics state, "2000 years ago, the proudest boast was ​civis romanus sum. Today, in a world of freedom, the proudest boast is ​Ich Bin Ein Berliner", meaning that (during the 1950s), the proudest boast a man could make was that he was a Berliner. 

However, it's not the lyrics that appeal to me; rather, it is the modern sense. EDM is a modern music, and mixing contemporary with the old can clash. In contrast to this notion, Klanga successfully blends these two styles seamlessly, and gives listeners a look into the future. 


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