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Simply Me

By: DiamondTeniente


Why can't I simply love myself?
You are so beautiful they say to me.
But what is beauty? 
Is it the mascara and foundation I apply so faintly? Is it the fake smile I plaster onto my face?
Is it my kind words and optimism that seep out in tones of falsetto?
I am not me.
I am not that smile.
I am not those pretty words and tinkling giggles.
I am the tears and the angry words screamed in an empty car on my way to work. I am the missed sighs in moments of silence.
I am a grieving heart that hasn't forgotten the ones who have long forgotten her.
I am simply me.
The girl that was found under a tree.
The exception to people.
The ultimate ice breaker.
Sorry, I didn't catch your name?
That is because I let you know me before I let you view my mask.
A mask that I threw far away whenever you drew near.
Until I realized, you fell in love with the mask.
When you looked at me you didn't simply see me. You saw what everyone else saw, a happy girl with a pretty face. My heart meant nothing.
I tried to simply be myself but that wasn't beauty.
That was something else.

Message to Readers

This is an interesting piece I want your thoughts on what you honestly think

Peer Review

"When you looked at me you didn't simply see me. You saw what everyone else saw, a happy girl with a pretty face." This is so amazing! I think if I had to pick a line I would pick this one even though it's more than one sentence.

Surprisingly, hope and sadness in a blender. Hope that someone will finally look beyond the mask. Are you popular? Not that it matters that much, but every time I see those people they seem so fake to me, so unreal. I'd like to know them and not the school them if you get what I'm saying.

It's not really a question but please throw the mask away. You don't needs it.

Reviewer Comments

This is a great piece and I hope people start looking beyond the mask.