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Ethan Wasiejko

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Message to Readers

Hi writers! I am very new to this website, but I am absolutely familiar with writing. I always accept constructive criticism, so don't hesitate to help me out. My only rule is that kindness is key. Any bullying or harassment should not be happening. It's just uncalled for. We are all here together to share our beautiful art and creations with the world, so let's stay kind. Thank you so much for you time and consideration and I'm so excited to see all of your amazing talent! -Ethan W.

Tattoo On My Heart

August 9, 2015

Ever since we first met,
I've been feeling this sharp pain in my chest.
I got an x-ray and it showed your name,
and now it seems, that you are the blame. 

You dipped your drill into the ink, and then you pressed it against my chest. 
As it slowly pierced my skin, I couldn't help but think:

You left a tattoo on my heart, and now part of me belongs to you.
You left a tattoo on my heart, and I'll never forget you.
The pain will go away soon, I know, but I'll never ever forget about the tattoo. 
And my promise to you, is that I'll never get it removed. 

This poem is actually a remake of a song I wrote. I shortened it, change a few words, and basically performed a surgery on what was the first song I've ever written. It may sound like it's about a lover in someone's life, when really I wrote it based upon the strongest friendships I have in my life. I love all of my closest friends dearly, so I chose to write about them. Even though that is my meaning of this poem/song, I don't want it limited to that. I want people to interpret it in their own way, allowing them to percieve it the way the want to. That is my number one goal in writing: allowing each reader (or listener) to percieve it in their own way. Thank you for your time and consideration in my piece. -Ethan Wasiejko


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