Peer Review by Suri Purefoy (United States)

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After All Of This

By: Angelina Nguyen

This is my first theatre number written for a musical I intend to write some time in the future. It reflects my personal journey studying musical theatre and classical singing. 

Microphones and soundchecks, all lovely and fun,
"Oliver", "Les Mis" and "Annie, Get Your Gun".
From this theatre to another
For another show run,
But what happens when 
It's all done?

Rehearsals and stretches, flexing toes,
Slipping on satin pantyhose.
Lace dresses, tiaras and
Red ribbon bows,
But what happens when the
Curtains close?

It's the life of an artist,
It is fine but not the finest.
What's next is too difficult to see,
So what happens to me?
What happens to me?

Where is my home, if the stage is my home?
How can I find a place I can call my own?
And if I can't find another one for me,
In this world, 
What will happen to me,
This theatre girl?

I know I won't earn much from musicals,
But a price on love, no soul could afford.
In the mean time, I will be singing more,
Singing more of these show tunes,
That I adore. 

It is hard for a living,
To be getting less out of what you are giving,
And if I've given all I got and
This is all there is,
What happens then,
After all of this?

Peer Review

This song is about theater life and pondering the meaning/why/what happens after it's all done.

"But what happens when the/ Curtains close?" Such a sweet, profound question!

I love it just the way it is—it's a perfect song, and I could even see it in a play— I LOVE it!!!

Keep writing! This is beautiful!!!

Reviewer Comments

This is beautiful! Major kudos with the way you wrote it that it really could fit perfectly in a great play(one that I'd definitely go see!) Keep it up! You're amazing!