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"I still fall on my face sometimes and I
Can't color inside the lines 'cause
I'm perfectly incomplete
I'm still working on my masterpiece and I
I wanna hang with the greatest gotta
Way to go, but it's worth the wait"

Message to Readers

Hypothetical enough? ;)
Thanks to MG Cowan for advice on my first version of this piece! :)

Why, Why, Why? (101 Hypothetical Questions For Those Who Have the Time)

July 6, 2017


My normal everyday questions:
  1. Why do people think they're mature when they clearly aren't?
  2. Why do people surround themselves in lies, when telling the truth is so blatantly simple?
  3. Why do people disregard kindness with a shrug?
  4. Why is money so valuable?
  5. Why do people complain about problems, but never do anything about them?
  6. Why do people pretend to be "green" by recycling, instead of not being so wasteful in the first place?
  7. Why do small farms never make any money (even though they definitely grow the healthiest fruits, veggies, and stock), while disgustingly bland "health" food companies (which, in most cases, end up not being as healthy as they say they are) make sky high profits?
  8. Why do people think Republicans and Democrats are so different when they're clearly just two different extremes of the same thing?
  9. Why do people listen to the media and then complain it's propaganda? (Which it is, but if you don't like it, either don't listen to it/read it, or do something about it.)
  10. Why do people think that by building a shelter, they can survive the end of the world? If it's the end of the world, then they're obviously not going to survive. 
  11. How are abortions and clone organ harvesting okay?
  12. Why do people have kids if they don't care about them?
  13. Why are people selfish?
  14. When will the world end?
  15. Why do some atheists hate God, when they don't believe he exists?
  16. Why hasn't anyone gone to the moon again?
  17. When will I become famous, so I can expose all the people who were mean to me?
  18. When will my guitar playing sound more like guitar playing, instead of cats drowning each other?
  19. Why do people have pets, when the animals would probably enjoy being outdoors more?
  20. Why do germaphobic people let their pets (who generally tend to lick their lower areas) lick people's faces and then literally order you to wash your hands before eating (when it's my life)?
  21. Why is bacon so popular?
  22. Why are those hideous fuzzy boots popular?
  23. What makes someone popular?
  24. Why am I bad at art?
  25. At what point does expressing oneself become vandalism?
  26. Why hasn't anyone invented a hoover-board yet?
  27. Why haven't I invented my air-running car yet?
  28. Why do cyclist look like they're frowning all the time?
  29. Why am I thinking these weird things?
  30. Why is school so boring, when it could be so cool?
  31. Why is Twilight a best-selling series?
  32. How did modern pop stars become so famous? (Yes, the sarcasm is evident.)
  33. Why am I so sarcastic?
  34. Why do people confuse sarcasm with being nice?
  35. When will people become human?
  36. When will people stop thinking rock music is evil?
  37. When will bed time be in the morning?
  38. When will television be in our heads?
  39. Who will invent the new obsession?
  40. Why does everyone have a fidget? (Fidgets are becoming incredibly annoying.)
  41. When will bangs be stylish again?
  42. Why wasn't I born in Britain?
  43. Why am I me, when I could very well as easily been someone else?
  44. When does the present become the past?
  45. Why did I get coal for Christmas one year?
  46. Why am I asking that?
  47. Why did I always fall asleep when I was trying to stay awake?
  48. What lurks in the dark?
  49. What appears in the light?
  50. What is light?
  51. How did the sun catch on fire?
  52. When will people go to the sun? (Just kidding.)
  53. When will my humor become funny?
  54. When will I look like an adult?
  55. What will I look like as an old person? (Not wanting to find out anytime soon though.)
  56. What will little kids think of me when I'm grown up?
  57. When will I be able to afford a flying Delorean?
  58. Why am I cool in my head, but awkward in real life?
  59. Why am I awkward at all?
  60. What if I'm the reincarnation of Elizabeth Taylor?
  61. Would that make me famously ghostly?
  62. What is wrong with me?
  63. Why isn't cake as never-ending as school?
  64. Why does everyone think they're either too fat or too skinny?
  65. Why do brunettes want to be blondes?
  66. Speaking of which, why do blonds want to be blondes?
  67. Why do people act insane?
  68. Why are ripped jeans stylish when they look old and destroyed?
  69. Why spend extra money on buying new stuff that looks antique, when you can just wait till your stuff becomes antique?
  70. Why do I mind the mess in my room and not the mess in my closet?
  71. Do elves come in at night and mess my room up?
  72. Why haven't I seen an elf yet? (I'm told I look like one, but I want to see for myself.)
  73. How come every time I try to write a song, a ridiculously annoying song from the radio gets stuck in my head?
  74. Why do I find radios cooler than iPhones?
  75. Why are cool and hot used to compliment people, when they mean exactly opposite things in the literal sense?
  76. Why is literally so over used?
  77. Why are so many words so over used?
  78. Why is the longest English word so long that it takes three hours to say it?
  79. Why is "American" still called English when it sounds different?
  80. Why is there so much bad television in America?
  81. Why are most of modern actors really bad at their jobs?
  82. Why are movie stars considered more important than the everyday person?
  83. Why do things always work out opposite of the way I want them to?
  84. What if I said I didn't want to be famous, would I became famous?
  85. Why do I ask so many hypothetical questions?
  86. Why am I writing this?
  87. Why are you reading this?
  88. Why do people read anything?
  89. Why do people write if they can read?
  90. Why do people read if they can write?
  91. What was the first book?
  92. Is the first story ever told considered a book?
  93. What if everything you say is being written down by someone and turned into a book after you die?
  94. What if that someone is the future you?
  95. What if you don't like them?
  96. What if I'm a spy and I don't know it?
  97. What if my life is a TV show?
  98. What if people have posters of me in their rooms?
  99. What if gravity didn't exist and we slept on the ceiling?
  100. Why does this sounds crazy?
  101. What if I am actually dead and I don't know it?

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  • Peppermint Lemonade

    Gabe: Hmm, interesting question... but what if hypothetical didn't mean hypothetical at all and it actually meant something else? So therefore, their list would actually be quite accurate.

    over 1 year ago
  • Peppermint Lemonade

    Kaitlyn, glad you enjoyed it! :)

    over 1 year ago
  • Gabe Krawec

    What of someone were to write a list of hypothetical questions, where the vast majority of questions weren't hypothetical at all?

    over 1 year ago
  • Kaitlyn ❄

    74 and 75 are the best.

    over 1 year ago
  • Kaitlyn ❄

    Wow. This is fascinating. You make amazing points. Loved it.

    over 1 year ago