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This is the third chapter of my 'A trip down memory lane' story. The first two are on my profile. I would like to know what you thought about the characters and the powers.

A trip down memory lane - Part 3.

August 18, 2015


                                                                   Training session gone wrong.
The next day quickly arrived and Gwen was out of bed at 7:30 much to Kevin’s horror. “Why are you up this early? Have I missed something? Is it Christmas already? God, I haven’t forgotten anyone’s birthday have i!?”

Gwen rolled her eyes at her brother’s frantic worrying. “Chill out, Kev. I’m just excited, training session with Scarface today!”

“I don’t know why you’re excited.” Harvey said from behind her. “Scarface is notorious for having the most hard-core training sessions ever. Just hope he doesn’t challenge you, because if he does, not only do you have to accept it, you’ll lose.”

“Thanks for the encouragement.”

“It’s true.” Annie said from the door of her and Mary’s shared room. “Scarface has never lost a battle. Ever.”

“I said thanks…”

“I remember one training session Scarface used his telekinesis powers to get my own book to whack me round the head and throw me of balance.” Mary said, quietly. “That was something else, I was only about 10!”

“THANK YOU!” Gwen hollered. “Thank you! Thank you, so much for the encouragement! If I’m going to lose then I may as well not go!”

“Not going to happen.” The cool, calm voice of Billet was heard from downstairs. “If you don’t show up, Scarface will drag you there. Literally. Trust me – he’s done it before, remember Kevin?”

“How can I forget? I thought my arm was gonna pop of!”

“So, come down here, get some breakfast in you and I’ll walk you down at three.”


“That’s what I said.”

Soon enough four o’clock came round and Billet walked down the forest path with Gwen, giving her advice all the while.
“Now, make sure you concentrate, no staring into space, if you do that Scarface will clip you round the head with his vines. So stay alert.”

“Got it.”

“Also, try to get his legs, specially his right one – that’s his week spot. Behind the knee cap – right?”


“And also don’t use vine pull too often because that will exhaust you, and also…”

“BILLET! I get it. Concentrate, don’t use vine pull too often and go for his knees, got it.”

“Only one, his right one.”


Somehow they managed to make it to the tree stump without Gwen threatening to kill anyone. The place was oddly deserted. The tree-stump was there of course, but it looked frightening. Gwen was sure she saw a screaming face in the base of it.

The field was creepy as well, the arms of the rest of the forest twirling above their heads.  They looked like hands, ready to pick up anyone who lost a battle.

“Where is he?” she was brought back to earth by Billet who was looking around impatiently. “Four o’clock he said. And now we’re here – he’s not!”

“I think you’ll find I am.” It was hilarious, Gwen thought, to see Billet jump so ridiculously high;  he jumped so high he almost banged his head on one of the lower branches, but just managed to avoid it.

“Scarface! Dear god, man! Don’t do that!”

Scarface himself was smiling, eyes twinkling as he replied. “I’m sorry, Billet. I didn’t mean to make you jump a mile. I got held up; Andy needed some help with his new invention.”

“What is it?” Gwen asked eagerly. She loved Old Andy’s inventions, not because she was interested in machines – that was Mary’s angle, but because they were fun to try out.

“Some sort of mind-reading device or something. I must admit, I lost interest after the first paragraph of Andy’s babbling. But I’ll be going back there tonight for the grand trying-out. So at least I have something to do on a Saturday evening.”

Billet clapped his hands together, saying. “Well, I’ll leave then. What time will she be back? I’ve got to tell Annie – it’s her turn to make dinner tonight.”

Scarface smiled. Each of the four oldest Kelso’s took turns making dinner. The order going, Billet, Kevin, Mary, Billet, Kevin, Annie and either a takeout or a meal at Scarface’s on Sunday.

“Only a short one today, I’m afraid, it would have been longer, but Andy has scuppered my plans as per usual. So, let’s see. Quarter past 4 now, how does half 5 suit you?”

“Perfect, hey Gwen – be good. Or else I’ll tell Annie to spit in your dinner.” Scarface made a look of disgust, but Gwen gave a smile, Billet was joking. She knew his sense of humour well enough to know that.

After waving Billet of, Scarface turned his attention to his youngest niece. “Right then madam, let the training session: Begin!” for the next half hour the pair of them  practiced using all the powers creepers possess, which involves a variety of vine’s which are shot from the palm of the hand. The list is as follows.

·          Vine Pull which is where the vine wraps around the body of the attacker and you pull them to the ground.
·          Vine Crush which is where you do the same as Vine Pull but the vine tightens around the body, eventually crushing the chest if used long enough, the only problem with that move is that it takes a lot of energy and was typically used at the end of battle.
Those two were defensive moves, on the attacking side there was,
·          Vine Whip a simple vine used in a whipping motion to stun the attacker and cause them immense pain,
·          Rose Whip, a vine with rose thorns on used in a whipping motion designed to cut into the flesh of the attacker,
·          Ivy Whip which is the same as the previous but with poison ivy, guaranteed to make the attacker lose concentration but has to be followed up with another move straight away
·          S-N Whip, Stinging-nettles whip, used in exactly the same way designed to cause a mix of pain, itchiness and if used frequently enough could actually make the other pass out.
·           Finally on the defensive note there was Vines slap, which is a move where both hands are used and you literally slap the attacker with the idea being to confuse them and then follow up with another move or simply use the vines to pull their feet out from under them.

After half an hour Scarface had used pretty much all the moves on his darling niece, while Gwen had, much to her annoyance, only managed to get in Vine Slap, Vine Pull, Vine Whip and Rose Whip. Scarface however had congratulated her, given her some pointers, stopped and conjured up two glasses of water which they took about 15 minutes out to drink.
For the final half-hour, Scarface decided it was time to work on her Telekinesis technique. Telekinesis could be both a defensive or attacking move depending on how it was used and so required a lot more training than the Vine powers did. There was also force field which was primarily a defensive move, but had to be activated by singing so took up a lot of energy. They could also be used as attacking moves using either a massive force field ball which you then threw at the attacker or what was called ‘the flying bullet technique’ which was where you created a lot of small force-field balls in one go an then fired them all at your attacker. It was extremely painful for the person on the other end, hence why it was called ‘The flying BULLET attack’. Most creepers only used the normal ‘Force-Field Ball’ as ‘The flying bullet attack’ was extremely hard to master and was only used by creepers who really knew what they were doing. Or as Gwen called them ‘The old ones’.

However, going back to Scarface and Gwen, he was giving her a critique of her powers. “You’re too brash.” He told her, bluntly. “Flinging yourself around like a rag doll, your hands look like wet tea-towels when you do that. No, what you want to do is to take time to concentrate, focus all your energy into something and then make sure it hits your opponent, like I was doing.” Gwen nodded, yes Scarface was extremely good at ‘The flying bullet attack’, and she had the bruises to prove it.

“Look at that branch.” Her eyes followed his to where one lone branch lay on the ground, it had fallen of when Scarface used ‘vine pull’, and accidently grabbed the branch instead of her. “Now watch me.” She turned, his right arm was outstretched, legs a little apart, fingers making a fanning sign and his eyes glowed. The branch moved upwards effortlessly, gliding over their heads and landing directly in front of her.

“Now you try.” And try she did, Gwen adapted the same pose as her uncle did and eyes glowing, she concentrated so hard, she brought on a headache. Still the branch didn’t move.

“No, no. You’re thinking too much. What you’re doing is looking at that branch and asking it to move. That’ll get you nowhere, since when has an inanimate object been capable of doing anything for itself? Never. What you have to do is imagine, imagine that branch gliding upwards. Try it.”

Gwen took a deep breath and tried again. She adapted the same pose, felt her eyes heat up as before and imagined the branch moving, at first it didn’t and Gwen was about ready to scream, but then it twitched, only a little, but notable.
“Try it again. One more go, then home. It’s 25 past already.” Scarface encouraged.

Gwen repeated the action and this time the branch lifted about 10 centimetres of the ground. Scarface was beaming now. “One more go and I think you’ll have it.  Visualise it going up, lose yourself in the imagining of that branch, it feels silly I know, but you’ll get the hang of it, and with a bit more effort you’ll be able to do it again during battle when the pressure is high. Again.” One last time she imagined, and this time the branch did move up and up till it was level with the trees.

“Yes!!” Scarface moved forward till he was directly under the branch, watching it get higher and higher. “You’ve got it! Oh, yes you’ve got it! Now try bringing it across!”

But that never happened, because at that moment in the distance a dog barked, and Gwen, who hated dogs more than anything in the world, jumped and stopped imagining. And that did it. The branch fell down, gathering speed at an alarming rate, down, down, down until CRACK; it landed straight on Scarface’s head. He fell to the ground, eyes shut, looking like a pharaoh.

Gwen froze. Then she ran and checked him over, he was still breathing, always a good sign, but there was blood trickling from the top of his head and Gwen found herself thanking god he wasn’t a human, if he was an injury like that would have killed within seconds. Shaking like a leaf, she got up and ran back home.

Over in the Kelso’s house the clock struck half past.
I would like to know what you thought of the charecters and the world they're in. Feed back is much appeciated. Part 4 is up. 


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