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My World

By: Lone Warrior WWII


My World
Were I write
Were my imagination takes flight
A place I can were I escape
A place were heroes wear capes
Soldiers are crowned
Hidden talents are found
History comes alive 
It's were I thrive 
Everything is clear
I have no fear
I hope one day everyone will know
My world

Peer Review

'Soldiers are crowned' -- Yes, I am biased. ;) I have two brothers in the military, so anything about soldiers will naturally catch my attention. :)

I'd like to go there! :D You create good vivid descriptions that come alive when I read them. :)

I know that this question is extremely common, but what was your inspiration for this piece? I know that you love history, (I do too). I'd love to be able to write history pieces like you do. Perhaps I'll work on that one of these days. ;)

Reviewer Comments

Great job! I love the form this is in! Poetic. :) You drew me in with each line, each description. :)
Keep up the good work!
God bless!