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Angela Soria

United States

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Jackrabbit Father

August 9, 2015

My father the jackrabbit
who runs and hops down
a neverending childish loop
Hiding from the predators of
Being caught by poachers
and being free months later
Leaving his young scattered across this
vast desert grassland
only coming in winter
bearing false promises of change
“HA responsibilities are for the slow”
he says to the old turtles
But to bad slow also wins the race.
Volume up deafening the living room war
Jackrabbits and turtles are at it again
In the darkness
my only light
comes from an old beaten walkman
I switch from the mixtapes
to the radio
I hold this ancient device close
to my heart
I close my eyes slowly imagining
my little sanctuary from the ground up
walls being created by the lyrics of songs
blocking the outside world
Here I feel safe
Here I feel strong
Here I don't feel alone
Here the darkness is gone


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