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I wouldn't quite call myself a novice in writing but as there is certainly room for improvement, I would very much appreciate any comment you can provide, particularly if it's the constructive kind.

Skies of Speckled Stars

August 18, 2015

PROMPT: Poetry

Her back bends and curves, 
Under unseen weight her spine is curled. 
Her head throbs, stomach clenching with nerves, 
It feels like the weight of the world. 

Her arms are heavy like stones, 
Weak and trailing close to the earth. 
The night's cold air seeps into weary bones 
And she wonders what one life is worth.  

And how she's supposed to accept that, 
There's one less person on this Earth.  

Clouds of mist curl from parted lips, 
Cold air stinging eyes blurred by tears. 
Her heart withers in pain's grip, 
And her stomach twists with dreads and fears. 

Her happiness was shattered by a call to her phone, 
Bad news breaking her calm like a bullet splintering glass. 
She meets the cold night alone, 
Heartbroken, as she watches clouds pass, 
Across skies speckled with stars.


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