Grace Mary Potts


My life is comprised of inconsistencies, daydreaming, procrastination techniques and occasionally, writing.

Skies of Speckled Stars

August 10, 2015

Her back bends and curves,
Under unseen weight her spine is curled.
Her head throbs, stomach clenching with nerves,
It feels like the weight of the world.
It seeps into her bones,
Heavy limbs trailing the earth,
As though they are made of stones.
She asks, what was it worth?

Her question begs an answer,
Though she will recieve none,
Numb creeps over her like cancer,
Obstructing the shuddered breath in her lungs.

Loss stings at her eyes,
Her sight blurred by beginnings of tears.
Were the happy smiles lies?
Had death beckoned her for years?

Had her cries falled on deaf ears?

Clouds of mist curl from parted lips,
Closed eyes restraining pooling tears.
Her heart, pain grips,
And her stomach twists with dreads and fears.
Happiness shattered by a ringing phone,
Calm broken like a bullet splintering glass.
She stands outside, alone,
Heartbroken, she watches as clouds pass,
Across skies speckled with stars.


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