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To Whom it May Concern

July 3, 2017


To Whom it May Concern:
The very act of knowing is dangerous unto itself.
The night of this epiphany, is the night of death.
And, in one remarkable case, tonight is that night.
Your night.
Welcome to your night.
The world is closed now. The doors have all shut and the windows are sealed so that those old sayings can’t be put to any use. Your heart is intrigued. Your mind is overwhelmed and quite dimly lit at the moment. It is possible you have not comprehended quite yet what has happened. Deepest apologies for the inconvenience. However, it is of the utmost importance that the disturbance that has been issued is taken in its absolute sincerity and achieved as quickly as possible. This will ensure the precautions that are about to be taken.
It is utterly and indescribably important that you must not stop reading. This may be confusing and a bit concerning but the moment that you stop reading this, everything will fall apart.
But first, the most paramount topic that must be covered is this night and your induction.
It is quiet now, but do not be frightened. You have become invisible to the world within the instant you began reading this. You have become forgotten. When you wish to return, for the memories to be recovered, you may stop reading. However, again is urged that you do not stop reading until you know how to control this power for it may be gone when you try and return.
Take a breath- and keep looking at these words. Do not leave this world you have created for it is more fragile than memory.
Yes, you have created this world. Read that again.
You have created this world.
Everything you know, everything you thought you knew is all an illusion of your own mind. Not to say that it is not real; it is all too real, actually.
This card is your awakening.
Though you may believe that this card is only a figment of your imagination, there is no other way to wake you. This is our last hope.
You are our last hope.
You have created a universe of war and hate.
You have created a universe of death.
Tonight, by your concept of time, is the night you will receive this letter. Therefore tonight is the night of your awakening. Tonight is your night of knowing.
And now, your world must collapse and your beliefs must perish.
For the night of this epiphany, is the night of death.


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