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I am a senior in high school. I have been on WTW since 8th grade. I am a Christian and am politically conservative. I believe that I can be friends and love anyone despite their beliefs. The world needs more love and encouragement, be that change.

Message to Readers

the 4th is soon so I was like why not write a piece on america


July 3, 2017


The red and the white and the blue it all belongs to you.The red represents our country's valor, the white stands for liberty and purity and the blue represents justice loyalty and perseverance. The stars and the stripes were fought for so you could be
free. The stars stand for the fifty different states that are all unique but they make up one nation under God and the stripes represent the original thirteen colonies. We live in a country that was fought for and people died for. We live in country that is free and we can be what we please. Our Star spangled Banner still waves in the land of the free and the home of the brave. I am proud of our Country because we know even in loss there is still hope but sometimes hope has a cost. The red, white and blue were all fought for, for you, maybe its time you owned up to the legacy that was passed down among generations. Our country is divided and is being torn apart over stupid little things that we could easily fix. Don't shame the stars and stripes and our wonderful rights because people died for our country. The soldiers didn't sacrifice themselves for one race, one religion or one people group, they sacrificed themselves for the whole country. Our country needs to remember that everyone's rights were fought for not because the color of their skin but because the soldiers cared about their country as a whole. Liberty rings from Florida to New York to Montana to Hawaii to California. Our whole country shouts one word, Free. The bombs bursting in the air didn't destroy our flag that was still there. I am proud to be an American because at least I know I am free and that God is with me.


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