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Raging Storms

July 1, 2017

It was a lonely, wintry sunrise. Pink and gold painted the sky in an endless array of beauty. Glistening snow hugged the mountain-range on the dark horizon. Brown deer flicked their tails as they leaped between white-clad firs, shaking soft snow-flakes from their warm coats. A single red fox slunk to the frozen creek's edge, licking at the ice with frustration. A white rabbit, barely visible in the dim light, against the pure snow, sprang through the deep drifts, its ears twitching with early noises, and a cloud of breath appearing when it exhaled. 
   Roxanne watched this with a mixture of emotions. Sadness; all the forest creatures trying to keep warm, and to quench their hunger. Awe; Seeing the world covered with a thick layer of perfect snow, changing the landscape to a winter wonderland. Glancing to the distance, her blue eyes clouded thoughtfully. The sun began rising, little by little, over the mountains, touching every tree with its warm rays. Heat soaked through Roxanne's thick, red coat, bathing her in sunlight. 
   Suddenly, the small noise of an engine rang faintly from her right. Whirling around, she dashed up from the forest to the roadside. It could be Nick. It took several minutes for the snowmobile to appear, and Roxanne shielded her eyes to see the driver. Dark hair ruffling in the cold breeze, cheeks ruddy from the cold, subtle smirk, snapping black eyes. Yup, it's Nick. Roxanne shuddered with dread. Of course it had to be my ex-boyfriend. 

   Nick grinned triumphantly, a twinkle in his eye, as he paused the snowmobile in front of her. "Hello sunshine. Imagine my surprise when the lodge got a call saying that you wanted to be picked up. Lucky for me I was on duty." He winked, and patted the seat next to him. Resisting the urge to groan, Roxanne stepped inside the vehicle, and crossed her arms defiantly when he held out his hand to help her in. The grin never left his smug, handsome face. 
   Ignoring the way it felt being near him again after many weeks of avoiding him, Roxanne set her jaw, and determined to say nothing on the way back to the lodge. But Nick had different plans.
   "So," He turned to look at her. "Why were you out there so early in the morning? And how'd you get here? You could've froze." 
Don't melt. Roxanne told herself silently, crossing her fingers in the fleece pocket. "Can't a girl get away without everyone in an uproar?" 
   The grin threatened to grow bigger. 
Quenching the urge to laugh or do something else foolish, Roxanne cleared her throat, and answered his question. "I merely wanted to watch the sun come up. As to how did I get out here, Drew dropped me off on his way to town." She fell silent, and watched uninterested as the treads kicked up snow. 
"Drew, huh?" He glanced over at her, expecting a reply. 
   "There's nothing between us. I just asked him for a ride, and he took me. Nothing more." Why won't he be quiet? Roxanne gazed back at the sunrise. The golden globe had vaulted over the forest. Breathtaking. 
"Huh. Right." 
   Roxanne snuck a look at his face. His jaw was set stubbornly and --wait--, was that a tinge of jealousy in his eye? She looked down at her hands, and said nothing more. They arrived at the lodge in silence. 

"Thanks." Roxanne murmured when Nick braked the snowmobile in front of the lodge. 
   "No problemo, Rox-io!" Nick flashed a charming smile, and sped away to the vehicle barn. 
Shivering with cold, she walked into the lodge, trying unsuccessfully to not think about her ex. "It wasn't hard until he showed up again." She muttered irritably. Yet she couldn't diminish the feeling of happiness at being near him again. "Shush." She scolded herself. 
   Glancing up, she realized everything was quiet. Eerily quiet. She paled, her blue eyes searched the large room. The moose-head was still upon the fireplace mantel, but the flames were nearly gone. The large oriental rug still lay in the middle of the room, three soft brown couches surrounding it. The paintings of wildlife, and pictures of skiers still hung on the white walls. The front desk still stood in front of her, but where were the people? 
   "Mandy?" She called out feebly. "Katja? Are you here?" They were just here this morning. The scene flashed through Roxanne's mind. 
   "Adios, mi amiga!" Mandy waved, her other hand cupped around a cup of hot chocolate as she signed in a skier. 
"Bye, M!" Roxanne held up her hand in a farewell. 
   "Hey, where're you going so early?" Katja appeared beside her, pulling on a fuzzy brown boot. Her brown eyes smiled even when her lips didn't. 
"Just to Creston Point. I want to see the sunrise." Roxanne reached for the doorknob. 
   "Gotcha. Need some privacy? I'll tell Mandy to bug off." She winked, tucking a strand of blonde hair behind her ear. 
"Funny." Mandy glanced their way then appointed a room to the customer.
   "Have a nice time." Katja smiled, and headed back across the room for the cafeteria. 
   Roxanne sent a quickly fading smile back at her, then started back out the lodge.
She jumped in surprise, then her face grew hard when she realized it was Nick. "What do you think you're doing, scaring me half to death?" 
   Nick held up his hands in surrender. "My apologies." Then his black eyes surveyed the lodge. "Where is everyone?"
"No idea." Roxanne felt him standing beside her. Ugh. Me and my 19-year-old self. She walked over to the desk, looking for a note or something. Nick followed her. 
   A glint of pink caught her eye. "Here. Mandy left a note." Taking it off the sticky-pad, she began to read. "Rox, left for town. Don't call police. He said he'd blow the lodge. M. P.S. R 87" A thousand different scenarios flew through her mind. She pulled her coat closer around her, her fearful glance swept the room. Nick laid a reassuring arm around her shoulders, making shivers zig up and down her spine. 
   "There's nothing else?" He searched the desk again. 
Roxanne shook her head, fear gripping her heart even over the embarrassment of having Nick there. Her heart turned to stone. "W-we should leave." She walked away, suddenly feeling light-headed. 
   "Yeah, maybe you're right. We can get more info from Mandy. Did she say where they're staying?" 
   Roxanne didn't reply, her head was swirling around too much. She heard quick footsteps from behind her, and Nick's low voice. "Roxanne?" 
   Why was his voice fading in and out? Why was the room tilting? She reached out for something to hold on to. Nothing but air. 
   "Roxanne, are you okay?" 
"Um." Roxanne tried thinking of something to say, but her thoughts kept twisting, her eyesight began to go black. Reaching out again, the soft material of a couch greeted her touch. "I-I . . ." But her voice trailed off as Nick lifted her up, setting her down on the couch. 
   "Roxanne. Can you hear me?"
   She could see his lips moving, but there was no sound. What's wrong with me? She tried forming the words, but they escaped her.
   The world went black. 

   Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Roxanne groped around in the darkness, searching for something, anything to quench her feeling of lost-ness. Where am I? Slowly the darkness faded to gray, and fuzzy shapes emerged. 
   "Roxanne, are you with me?" A far-away voice called to her, concern lacing it. 
"Nick?" Roxanne blinked her eyes slowly, the lodge coming back into focus. She was laying on one of the couches, Nick knelt beside her, worry enveloping his features. 
   "Good. You're awake." He visibly relaxed. "I'll get you some water." 
   Roxanne watched him hurry away. What's wrong with me? I never fainted before. She lost her train of thought. Nick reappeared, holding a styrofoam cup in his right hand. 
   "Here." He held her head up as she took the cup. 
   "Thanks." She whispered. Don't revel. Don't revel. He's just being nice. Like always. Shush. Keep quiet. Roxanne's thoughts waged war on each other. 
   After a few sips, she collapsed back on the couch. Why am I so exhausted? Trying to sit up, her head started to swim again. Nick held her down. 
   "Stay right there for a few minutes." His gaze penetrated her stubbornness. 
She stopped struggling. "Fine." Got to keep on top of things. She patiently waited until her brain calmed down, then she pushed herself into a sitting position. There. Much better. She closed her eyes, taking deep, methodical breaths. 
   Nick watched her the entire time. "Do you feel like getting in a car?" 
Roxanne slowly nodded. "I think so." 
   "Okay." He started to slid his arms under her to lift her up, but she stopped him. 
"No. I'm fine. I can do it by myself." 
   "Right. Sure you can." He held Roxanne's arm as she stood up. 
"Thanks." She mumbled, feeling his warm breath on her skin. Her face flamed. Calm down. She commanded her fluttering heart. 
   Nick didn't let go of her as they walked. She paused at the front desk, and again noticed the note. The last line seized her attention. P.S. R 87. "Room 87? What's so special about room 87?" She didn't realize she'd said it out-loud until Nick asked:
   "Do you know where it is?" 
"Um, sure. It's near mine. This way." He stayed at her elbow as they strode past the stairs and down a hall. Paintings dotted the walls. The lights had been left on, heat was still coming through the furnaces. Obviously they left in a hurry. 
   "Here it is." Roxanne looked up. "I"ll go in first." 
She leaned thankfully against the wall, her legs tired from the short distance. Nick cracked the door open, darkness welcoming him. Roxanne heard a light-switch flip on. 
   "Any clue?" She glanced around the door-frame. 
"Yeah." Nick spoke softly. Roxanne gasped in horror. 
   A black-haired woman lay face-down on the brown carpet. Lifeless. 
"Is she-?" Roxanne breathed. 
   "Afraid so." Nick knelt beside the body, and felt for a pulse. He exchanged a glance with Roxanne, shaking his head. 
"Now I know why someone threatened to blow up this place if they called the cops."
His black eyes connected with Roxanne's blue ones. 
   "Someone's a murderer." 

I'm still working on this, and we'll see where it goes. :) How do you all like it so far? Also, do you have any ideas for the rest of this story? 

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