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Sarah Grimson


Message to Readers

This was a fun piece but I would really like some feedback! Thanks


August 7, 2015


We connected automatically, every time we were near each other our bond was strengthened. I was smarter when we were together and funnier too. I could see other people stressing out of their minds because they didn't have you, they crumbled like cake. 
A lot of people told me to leave you, they dragged me so you were out of my range, even though you were anyway. It was like you were from out of this world, so strong and unique. 
Then you started disappearing more often, leaving, for days on end. The times I needed you the most, you weren't there. Our connection weakened and withered as time slowly went on. You dropped out of our relationship but always came back. I went to see you one day, and I found out you had broken on the inside. Your wires had snapped.

Stupid Wi-Fi modem.


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