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My name is Imani! I am a soccer player of 11 years, I am self taught on the piano,and I have a passion for writing. My dream is to become a screenwriter for movies one day.

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August 7, 2015

Brown. It isn't exactly seen as a pretty color

It is usually seen something gross by others

But there are so many things that people don't see

Like just how pretty the color brown can really be

If you look at a rainbow, there are an array of colors from light to dark

But when you put the colors together, you can no longer tell them apart

If you mix the colors in a can of paint, you will surely get brown.

How can so much beauty become something so unsound?

Could this mean that brown is a mix of all beauty.

That's what I see, what I believe, what I know to be.

Brown. Such a color seen in much disgust.

Like when a brown man walks on the street all white people lose their trust.

Brown skin. Something many people learned to resent

Where people get a offended when a brown man is present.

When the brown man walks- the white man talks- now he is face down on the ground.

And no one cares to stop it. No one makes a sound.

We live in a world where a brown man will be shot in the face

By a "law enforcing" white man who hates the brown skinned race

And you will soon learn that the jury will always decide

To choose the murdering white man and take his side

But can someone please explain why we are hunted down like dear

Like the whites want to kill us all, that our extinction is somewhere near?

Don't you know inside we are all the same?

We have arms, legs, faces, and names

We have feeling. We hate, we love and adore

But it seems everyone sees us nothing more-than useless.

A slave. Someone you sold for money.

Treated as property, a type of object or something.

But that is untrue. We are not slaves. Not property. Or inanimate objects.

We are humans like the rest, has no one learned that yet?

We are not worthless, our brown skin is something to be proud of.

So there is no reason to shoot a brown man because he "looks tough"

Who knows. That man, could have been coming home from a hardworking job.

The one he used to support his family, that you have now made sob.

Now, there is a fatherless child, because you were afraid of his skin?

Why would you do this? Why commit such a sin?

-how about the teenager you shot on the road.

Mistaking candy for a handgun, if only you had known.

Or maybe you did, and didn't care, I mean, look at his skin.

Brown skin his a disgrace to you, so he didn't deserve to live.

But can you please reread the last 4 lines and explain if that makes and sense?

If brown and white switched roles, man that'd be intense.

Let a brown man lightly tap a white on the shoulder.

The street would be full of cops, swat team, and some soldiers.

But a white man can kill a brown man with witnesses, video, and audio.

And the judge will sit up there and say there isn't enough evidence to show-
That he is guilty.

"He's innocent" or "mentally insane"
Always their favorite excuse, it always goes down that way.

I refuse to be ashamed because of the melanin in my skin.

Just because it is darker, doesn't mean I am the ugliest of sins.

Our pigment is determined by our ancestors and how close they were to the equator.

Who knew geological location would lead to so much hate millions of years later.

The color of my one of my organs does not determine my personality.

So don't blame my peoples actions on their nationality.

Having dark skin that blends with the night

Is nothing to be afraid of, nor is it to be white.

Brown is beautiful. Please realize its grace
please end the discrimination and abolish all the hate.


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