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I love War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, I'm a Christian, and I'm adventurous. I like to travel but school makes me poor. :)

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Here is the reasoning behind this piece:
I wrote this *because* of the poetry competition,
but I wrote it *for* Felicitay.


August 16, 2015

PROMPT: Poetry

To be you it is true,
I can never be.
But to imagine I'm you, 

    It's ten in the morning,
    I'm typing a warning,
    And at ninety words per minute,
    I'm delving right in it.

    "A warning?" you say,
    "Are you sure, Felicitay?"
    Yes, I reply,
    Though my smile is sly.
    My friend's feeling remorse,
    Ov'r lettting run the course,
    Her mom signing her up for debat team.

    I fill with glee, 
    As I grab a tee,
    To give to my friend for fulfilling a dream.

    I've drempt of the day,
    When my friend would say,
    "Dear Felicitay,
    What do I do before my big day?"

    I start to grin,
    But she starts to sour.
    Perhaps she thinks when I begin,
    I won't be done for an hour.

    But I promise not to bore.
    I teach her how,
    To perfectly bow,
    And how to improve her score.

    Then I taught her how to research;
    She started with the state and the church.
    When I asked what the first four amemdnement are,
    She told me she knew, and I beamed like a star.

    I didn't get home till almost night,
    On account of waiting for the weather to be
    The state of the weather after it rains, you see.

    As I got in bed,
    I saw a star.
    I watched it as
    I ate a granola bar.
    The star got brighter and brighter;
    I had to pull a half nighter.
    We watched the star, I and my bar,
    As it sparkled amidst a twinkling sea.

    And then I saw that it was we,
    You know, my friend and me.
    I watched us get better and better,
    Till we were perfect,
    Down to the letter.

    The star was a dream, I now can see;
    Surely you don't think perfect are we!
    But isn't it great,
    Though nobody's straight,
    That God loves everyone,
    Both you, and me.

    I'm the Best at debate,
    I can juggle and skate.
    But remember my verdict,
    Nobody's perfect.
    Sometimes when I tell a story,
    I forget to give Him the glory.

    And even though the number of debaters who hate me is eighty-one,
    I know it can't be everyone.
    Because a guy,
    Though I don't even know him,
    He made me into a poem.

And so if I became like you,
I think I know just what I'd do.

I'd finish my school one subject one subject at a time,
So I didn't fell nausious,
Like last time.

Be just like you, is what I'd do,
If it's raining,
Or I'm training,
Or looking for something to do.

"I sincerely do pray," I wishfully say,
That some day I could meet you, 


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