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Hey there! I love writing, reading, watching movies, smelling rain, cooking, babysitting, watching leaves turn colors in autumn, laughing, and hanging out with friends and family.
Have a great day, and keep writing!

Message to Readers

An account of when I found Smaug, my little kitten, dead.


August 11, 2015

PROMPT: Poetry

The drops on his brow
Whiskers two different colors
His ear looks torn
Something's dried in his fur
Near his nose the grass is dark

My stomach clenches,
my breathing stops
I never knew I could
sound so terrified

Dad runs to me
He must have heard
His face is panicked
then I point
him out

My chest is tight,
my body numb
He's dead.
The sobs come,

Dad gets gloves
and a bag
He scoops him up, 
the cat so small
in his hands

I can't get it out
of my mind
That little gray kitty
Unmoving on the grass
Dark drops around his head


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