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Jeremy Houle

United States

There is no better way to improve yourself than braving your storms.
Hi, my name is Jeremy, an aspiring hero of your heart.

World traveler.

Message to Readers

Did you feel scared during the bird scene? please let me know in the comments.

5 First Steps

August 6, 2015

1. As I walked down Fifth Street in Philadelphia, I started to doubt that this was the city of "Brotherly Love" when a teenaged guy started staring at me. Since the accident, people have always stared - but their eyes never turned completely black like the robe he was dressed in.

2. It was an innocent hug. It was less than 2 seconds. And no wonder, becuase it was his grandma. But what in the world was she doing now?

3. I love looking up when it's snowing, except for when the snow hurts my eyes. My eyes. I pulled out a small mirror in my purse and looked at them. I couldn't understand them. When I asked other people what the color of my eyes was, they said there were just brown. But I don't see brown eyes. I see snow-white bordering a dark luxerious purple iris, followed by a hazel colored pupil.

4. Dr. Heathecliffe was talking about his favorite subject, physics, when he heard a sneeze. Now of course, it was spring, and several of his students had hay fever pretty bad. Dr. Heathecliffe remebered that the one guy even had to get shots, like he did when he was young. The sneeze, however, didn't seem normal. He looked back, expecting to see a class full of teenagers, when he was alarmed by a slender, 5 fingered hand on his shoulder that seemed to burn and freeze at the same time.

5. He was just dozing off, leaning against a dead tree with the dying fire crackling in front of him. He heard a flap, and saw a bird about three feet tall draw something in the sand. dreams, it read. The bird called to others, and it's sweet voice surprised the boy, who thought all large birds must sound terrible. He saw that others had joined him and started dancing slowly around the boy and his tree, all the while singing a sweet lullably. The boy watched, for how long he could not tell, and had just dozed off when he heard a disgusting and terrible cry, and then peircing, burning. The giant birds were ripping his flesh, scratching, drawing large amounts of blood.


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