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Kelly L

United States


August 19, 2015

Their hurtful words
Slash our backs
Make us think of all the things we lack
And become our mindsets and beliefs

Directing us with what and what not to do
For the longest time we've listened
While in their eyes smugness and, behind that, insecurity, glistened
Until at some point people said, "I'm through."

Although the fierce ones have been fighting back
It's still hard to cut ourselves slack
Because through books and movies and shows and signs
Their words that feed dangerous self-hate transcend the sands of time
And remain as roadblocks in my mind

But as I feel them pull me down
I realize I can also prevent myself from drowning
I have the strength to fulfill my potential
No longer do I have to be wishful
Of diving free to the depths of the seas
While I only skim the shining surface

A long journey it will be
To let go of my fears and believe
That I can deny the negative thoughts access
So I don't have to think any less
Of myself
Or anyone else

No sagging weight in my chest.
No holding back for fear of never being the best.
Smiling at my reflection
Despite the imperfections.
Reveling in my achievements
Even those too small for others to see.
The only voice ringing loud and clear in my head: Me.

Late one day
After contemplating how the world tells me who I should be and what I should say
I looked up at what few glittering stars I could see
And for once felt at peace
For I realized I should dismiss those patronizing words forever
And in the very end, just remember
As I'm lying alone in the dark on my bed
Everything I do and don't need in life
Is all in my head


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