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An Hour in July

June 19, 2017


I closed the book with a wistful sigh. That was a beautiful ending. My mind was still enveloped in the romantic/suspense novel I had just finished. After a moment, as reality set back in, my green eyes studied my surroundings. It was the middle of the afternoon; daisies, clover, and dandelions lay scattered across the lawn, soaking in the sun's warmth. Bees hovered around them, their dusty legs growing fatter with pollen. The sky was summery blue; no cloud in sight. 
   Once again, I sighed dramatically. Beautiful. My thoughts strayed back to the story. Finally, after so much hurt and trauma, Joyce and Edmund got back together. They had been apart since college, but found each other during a crime, in which Joyce got shot. And at the last chapter, ah, they had pronounced their passionate love for each other. So beautiful. My eyes misted. 
   Bzzzzzzz! I slapped the fly for disturbing my reverie. Grumbling, I stood up, brushing dirt and dry grass from my faded jeans. I gazed around the farmyard, wondering what to do next. Ellie. Right . . . I should probably get her some hay. Tucking the novel under my arm, I slipped on my black flip-flops and started for the barn. Swallows and sparrows zipped past me, my sister's rabbits rattled their cage, and several black Australorps sent dust flying into the heavy air as they did what chickens do.    
   I heard and watched all this with little interest. My life wasn't as exciting as Joyce or Edmund's. It was mundane; all day, every day kind of stuff. Gravel crunched under my feet, and the sun bore down on my neck. Typical July afternoon. I entered the barn's dim interior, and was about to grab half a bale of hay, when I heard rustling coming from further within the building. My brain skittered to a paragraph from the novel. 
   She could almost feel something staring at her through the darkness. Was there really something there, or was her mind playing a trick on her? She sucked in a sharp, anxious breath. 
   Eyes wide, my mind played forth the emotions I felt while reading that excerpt. Something staring at her. Staring at me. I swallowed fearfully, and shakily reached out for the hay. This time I heard a small bumping sound. I dropped the novel, creating a loud thump, and scared myself more. Just grab the hay, and run! My legs refused to cooperate, but remained glued to the wooden floorboards. 
   Facing my fear, I peered into the near-darkness. A little dark something was moving in hop-like motions across the floor. A scream rose in my throat. Suddenly, I remembered the light-switch behind me. My hand fumbled as I reached to my left while keeping a frightened eye on the black object. 
   Light filled the room, and an embarrassed, relieved giggle burst from my mouth. 
"Piper! What are you doing in here? You're supposed to be in your hutch!" 
   The black rabbit perked up its long ears at me. Its quivering nose sniffed the air all around. Grabbing the rabbit wasn't going to be so easy. I thought quickly. 
   "Do you want some hay, Piper? Wait . . . what am I thinking? You've probably had your fill of it by now." 
   But slowly, Piper bounced towards the hay I held out. I used my sweetest, softest voice to woo her nearer. Finally she got within my reach. Quickly, I snatched her up in my arms. 
   Piper squeaked with fear, her brown-blue eyes wide. "Oh, you're fine you naughty rabbit." I scolded. 
   I walked the rabbit back to the hutch, and dropped her in to join her two energized comrades. 
"There. Now stay in there!" I glanced around the yard, looking for my younger sister, Darcy. She was tearing apart a bush close to the house. I stifled a laugh. 
   "Darcy!" I called before jogging over. 
I could sense she was panicked even before I stopped in front of her. "Kay! Piper's gone! I've looked everywhere! I just had the cage open for a minute, then she jumped out! Have you seen her? Can you help me look for her?" She turned to look under the bush again. 
   "Hold it! I found your rabbit. She was in the barn eating hay. Maybe you should feed those rabbits of yours more so that they won't go looking for food themselves." I winked. 
   "You found her?" Darcy ran over to the hutch while I watched, amused. She came back. "Thanks so much! I won't leave the cage open anymore." She sent an angry glare over to the hutch where all three rabbits were hanging their heads out through the cage bars. "Thanks again, Kay!" 
   "Anytime." I walked away from my exuberant sister with a sheepish grin on my face. Guess you don't have to be in a novel to have an exciting life after all. 


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