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The Stars

June 19, 2017

I lay down my head on a soft bed of straw,
Then gazed up at the stars and my mouth gaped in awe.
My mama leaned over and gave me a kiss,
Then looked to see why I was staring like this.
I watched as her smile slowly subsided,
How, in the stars, could she not be delighted?
“Mama, is there something sad on your mind?
Do you have illness, or hurt or bad news of some kind?”
The look in her eyes still reflected deep pain,
But she lay down beside me and began to explain;
“When you are born, you have a set of stars,
And you can trade each one in for things, riches and cars.
You tell yourself to just trade one more,
So you can have that cool thing you saw once in a store.
For a little while, the thing fills you with joy,
As you tousle and play with your newest cool toy.
But alas, it is permanent joy you sought after,
Not only temporary smiles and laughter.
So time after time, the stuff lets you down,
And you find that each thing wasn’t a solution you found.
But there’s always something, you see in that store,
And yet again you tell yourself, ‘I’ll just trade one more’
Next thing you know, you have no more to trade,
But you’re still unsatisfied for the hole inside you made.
You learn that the hole can’t be filled with mere things,
Fellowship and love only a true family brings.
When you find this, you know you want your stars back,
But you’re trapped with the things, and the sky stays black.”
I looked at my stars with a new appreciation,
Then closed my eyes tight with full determination.
I focused hard on the star I wished upon,
And in a matter of seconds, that one star was gone.
I knew I had betrayed my mother’s kind warning,
And now it would be darker every night until morning.
But I did not regret it or whimper or cry,
For I had wished that one star into my mother’s night sky.
I have a little sister, and it made an assignment to write for children more personal for me. I thought of her deep love of "Guess how much I love you", and how much that story has meant to my family over the years, and I went from there. 
I hope you enjoy my poem!


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  • Laurence Prieskley

    This is an adorable story, the child's niave love and how untainted by greed it is.

    over 3 years ago
  • SadieI.aM.

    This is very well written. :) I don't write poems myself but I really enjoyed reading this. It was fast paced and beautiful.

    over 3 years ago
  • yumigul

    This is pure. It's beautiful. What a creative way to demonstrate love. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece. The last four sentences certainly gives me the goosebumps. I love it!

    over 4 years ago