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So this is... different. I've never done a guide like this before, but I've been obsessed with the instagram page 'hgk477' lately, where they post guides that are just so beautifully written. I tried to emulate that style here and I definitely learned a lot! Any feedback would be really appreciated because this is a style completely new to me!

how to survive prom

October 4, 2019

PROMPT: Open Prompt

how to survive prom
  1. go with a friend. just one, or the spirits will feel disrespected and the chances of your survival will be much less. you may be tempted to go with your lover, after all, isn’t that what prom is all about? do not. these stories have been spread by the spirits to tempt you. do not risk angering the spirits, or worse, making them jealous. 
  2. do not wear black, you do not want to blend into the shadows. do not wear florals, the spirits do not want to be reminded of the lives they once led outside. solid colors are a safe choice but the spirits will be impressed if you choose metallics. 
  3. the cut is up to you, although the spirits are decidedly old-fashioned and do appreciate a good old ball-gown from time to time.
  4. wear a ribbon in your hair or around your neck. once you enter the prom, you are in another realm. this ribbon will not be able to guide you back, but convince yourself that it will. it will give you confidence. make sure it doesn’t give you too much.
  5. wear heels you can run in. if you are not comfortable in heels, wear sneakers, but be sure they are new. if you can’t run, I am sorry.
  6. speaking of running, practice. you need to be physically in good shape to survive.
  7. allow your parents to take as many pictures as they wish. they are not your parents really, but it does not matter. do not get impatient. the spirits do not like brats.
  8. a limo will come to pick you up from prom. you did not order it, the spirits did. get in anyway. they will not try to trick you until you arrive.
  9. do not drink the water offered to you in the limo. 
  10. stay wary of your friend. they may or may not have been replaced by a spirit. do not speak of what will happen at prom. stick to mundane small talk, it is safer.
  11. when you arrive at the prom get out after your friend. if your friend is human, they will be tempted into the shadows by the spirits. do not be alarmed, it was their time. if your friend is a spirit or has been replaced by one, they will go to the shadows willingly. make a mental note that your “friend” is not to be trusted. 
  12. in either case, do not go after them.
  13. wait seven songs until going onto the dance floor. if the first song is ‘god’s plan,’ leave immediately. do not take anything with you, do not attempt to bring anyone. find your way back home, risking the night lurkers. that fate is better than the one waiting for you. if the first song is ‘Senorita,’ I am sorry. your fate is sealed.
  14. whatever you do while you wait is up to you. 
  15. be careful who you talk to. anyone could be a spirit. maybe they all are. 
  16. do not drink the fruit punch. it will be spiked- if you’re lucky, with vodka, if you’re not, then with something else. 
  17. eat brownies or chips or cookies, it is polite to show the spirits you are thankful for these offerings, and you need your strength up for the rest of the night. you may only fill one plate. you may only get in the snack line once. you are allowed to fill the plate as high as you wish, however. if the other humans give you dirty looks for piling your plate so high, ignore them. they will be dead by 11.
  18. after the seventh song, go straight to the dance floor. if your friend is a spirit, they will offer to dance with you in an attempt to trap you there forever. you must offer them the ribbon you brought instead, as they simply want a piece of your realm, and the ribbon is one. if you forgot to bring one or have lost your ribbon, I am sorry.
  19. your “friend” should leave after that. keep dancing. do not stop dancing.
  20. you will know when it is 11 because the lights will go out for 170 seconds. run.
  21. leave the way you entered. do not bring anything or anyone.
  22. the limo will be waiting for you to take you home.


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  • luluwrites111

    this creeped me out, made me laugh, and stunned me, all at the same time. amazing.

    10 months ago
  • Anha

    october wtw highlights are live!

    about 1 year ago