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The Monster

By: littlebigthoughts

The day was hot, with a cool summer breeze
When little Miss Liri emerged from the trees
With a hop and a skip and a flutter of wings
She flew up to a branch where all the birds began to sing
But one little bird did not join the song
So the kind fairy Liri asked what was wrong
The bird explained that she was sad
Her brother had been taken by someone very bad!
Liri promised she'd do what she could
And she set off to find the monster in the deep dark woods
She found the monster, after a while
He had vicious claws and an evil smile
There in his hand, lay the little baby bird
Alone, afraid and covered in dirt
Liri told the monster to let him go at once
The monster said no for the bird was his lunch!
Liri asked why was the monster so rude?
The little bird wasn't his food!
The monster said he really doesn't want to be mean
He just wanted a friend to keep him company!
Liri said "there are lots of birds who'd love to be your friend!
The monster said he'd tried but they were all too scared
Liri told the monster to give it another try
But when the birds saw him, they all went to hide
Liri explained that he just wanted to play
The gentle monster wouldn't put them in harm's way
But the birds didn't believe her and judged him by his looks 
Liri told them that you can't look at a cover and know inside the book
The monster explained he knew all their songs
He began to sing and their hearts were won
The birds never judged someone by looks again
And the birds and the monster were the best of friends


Peer Review

The rhyming! I love how you created a story through a poem. :)

Not really. You did a really good job!

Keep up the great work! Rhyming words in stories tend to capture people's attention more than anything else, so that was a great idea for this story!

Reviewer Comments

Great job on this composition! I love how the monster and the birds became friends! It shows that you can be friends with anyone, as long as you love them for who they are inside, and not what they look like. :) Keep up the good work! God bless!